Our research

We're committed to making a difference by achieving health improvements in Australian and global populations. Our team works on a broad range of population-based health research initiatives including public health, work wellbeing, obesity, and disability and inclusion.

Using a range of methodologies, our research responds to national and international health problems.

Research objectives

The Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR) delivers health improvements for Australian and global populations through its large portfolio of activities in public health & health services research, training, knowledge translation and implementation, together with expert advisory services.

Our objectives outline the approach by our seven research units to develop and deliver translational research activities:

  • knowledge creation: to develop, conduct and publish world-class innovative research on major population health and health system/health service issues using the best available methods
  • knowledge translation: to proactively translate research into health practice, programs and policies
  • collaborations: to develop and extend local, national and international collaborations for improving health and health services
  • capacity building: to strengthen capacity in multi-disciplinary population health and health services research.

Research units

Opening in 2003, our centre has grown to include six research units.

The teams working in each unit research a broad range of population-based health initiatives.

Epidemiology Unit

We work across chronic and infectious diseases to create compelling evidence to influence policies and practices in public health.

Learn more about our epidemiology research

Deakin Health Economics Unit

This research informs the efficient allocation of health resources.

Our expertise is in obesity and diabetes, mental health, chronic disease management, disability, maternal and child health, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and oral health.

Learn more about our health economics research

Health Systems Improvement Unit

Here, we're focusing on health inequities across acute and chronic conditions with the goal of sustainable solutions for local issues.

Learn more about our health systems improvement research

Work Health and Wellbeing Unit

This research is advancing the scientific and public understanding of work as a social determinant of health. It also helps shape policy and practice to better protect people from the harmful effects of work.

Learn more about our work health and wellbeing research

Global Obesity Centre

We create, share and distribute knowledge in partnership with the community to promote obesity prevention and other non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention.

Learn more about the Global Obesity Centre

Disability, Inclusion and Advocacy Unit

Our research projects are aimed at providing innovative evidence-based solutions to issues affecting people with disability and their families.

We foster wide collaborations driving improvements in social inclusion, disability policy, equity and service delivery.

Learn more about our disability, inclusion and advocacy research

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