Disability, Inclusion and Advocacy Unit

Our unit enhances Deakin University's research capability in disability, social inclusion and advocacy through fostering dynamic collaborations across all faculties and with key organisations driving improvements in disability policy, equity and service delivery.

Working alongside people with disability and their supporters

We have a long and well-established tradition of research and education in disability and, more recently, in social inclusion. Our unit works alongside people with disabilities and their supporters in research and teaching to inform knowledge development, policy and practice.

We work together with policy makers and service providers by using our multidisciplinary expertise to answer questions and provide innovative evidence-based solutions to issues affecting people with disability and their communities.

Our research

Researchers from across our faculties and research institutes are engaged in innovative projects aimed at achieving social inclusion for people with disabilities.

The breadth of experience and commitment to the field of disability research and development at Deakin University has much to offer people with disability, their families and the organisations that support them.

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Featured researcher

Professor Susan Balandin

Professor Balandin's teaching has centred on the role of communication in facilitating community participation with a particular focus on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). 

She developed and coordinated a master’s program in developmental disability at the University of Sydney and currently lectures both nationally and internationally on AAC, participation, and ageing with lifelong disability.

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