Our team and publications

Our unit is led by Professor Steven Allender and Professor Boyd Swinburn. The team consists of academic researchers and students along with a number of external partners. We're a large team that is committed to identifying, promoting and implementing obesity prevention and wellness strategies as a global, national and regional partner.

Our team


Associate Professor in Public Health
Associate Professor Colin Bell
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Adrian Cameron
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Melanie Nichols
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Gary Sacks
Senior Research Fellow – Manager CO-OPS
Dr Penny Love
Research Fellow
Dr Claudia Strugnell
Research Fellow (Grade 2) – Knowledge Broker CO-OPS
Jill Whelan
Associate Research Fellow
Nic Crooks
Research Fellow
Andrew Brown
Research Fellow
Andrew Sanigorski
Research Assistant
Jane Hayden

HDR students