It's not just the excellent standard of teaching that sets Deakin's School of Education courses apart from other courses. Flexible study options, alternate pathways and internships are also major drawcards.

We offer international travel opportunities, world-class researchers and robust industry partnership programs, ensuring you get the best possible study experience.

Pathways through an associate degree

If teaching is your dream career but you don't have Year 12 or the right ATAR score, a Deakin Associate Degree of Education is the answer.

Successfully complete a two-year associate degree on campus and gain guaranteed entry into the Deakin Bachelor of Education, with 12 credit points of the degree already achieved.

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Travel the world on Deakin's Global Education Program

Our Global Education Program lets you travel, immerse yourself in new cultures and teach in totally different environments.

Did we mention that it's part of your course and you'll get credit? Experience more than you ever thought possible.

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Improving teacher education in academies and alliances

All of our placements are in approved Australian schools. Deakin has established three teaching academy groups made up of primary and secondary schools.

They're located in Deakin's local catchment areas: Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool. In partnership with school leaders and the State Government, these alliances provide expanded work placement opportunities for Deakin teaching students in 70 plus schools.

A number of these schools work exclusively with Deakin for all its student placement rotations. Students benefit by developing closer working relationships with school local communities.

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Study wherever you are – Deakin's Cloud Campus

Deakin was one of the pioneers of off-campus learning, introducing remote learning in 1974. While some of our courses require intensive periods of on-campus study, others can be taken via Deakin's Cloud Campus.

With Deakin's Cloud Campus, you have the freedom to study where and when you like using our world-class online learning environment.

Connect with the 15,000+ students already taking advantage of Cloud Campus. You'll have access to the same high-quality teaching and resources.

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Flexible study options

Accessibility and flexibility are the hallmarks of Deakin's courses offerings. From choosing what trimester you'd like to start in to changing from part-time to full-time study, the choice is yours.

You can also study a single unit to see if the course is right for you before you commit to an entire degree.

No matter how you like to learn, we offer a course of study that suits your lifestyle, work commitments and priorities.

Intensive study modes

As part of our commitment to offer flexibility, the School of Education offers a range of units that you can study in intensive mode.

This means you can study an entire unit in two blocks of two consecutive days or full-day classes spread across several weeks.

Studying intensively means you may only need to attend classes for a few days in a trimester.

Workshops and seminars give you the advantage of peer discussion and networking. Intensives also provide greater flexibility for work, travel and planning other activities around study.

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