Deakin's School of Education is renowned for excellent teaching, world-class research, and professional experience placements that set our graduates apart.

We offer flexible study options, national and international travel opportunities, and robust industry partnership programs, ensuring you get the best possible study experience.

The Access Quality Teaching program

Deakin's Access Quality Teaching (AQT) program aims to improve the outcomes of vulnerable children in low socio-economic status schools. We invite our highest achieving, most capable pre-service teachers to join like-minded peers committed to improving equity through education and support them to teach in these schools.

To be eligible you must be a third year student from:

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching (Secondary)
  • Bachelor of Science/Master of Teaching (Secondary)

For the remainder of your degree, you'll complete your regular initial teacher education course and engage in a Community of Practice model to explore issues related to poverty and disadvantage. You'll also complete your remaining school experience placements in low socio-economic schools.

Financial support payments are available for eligible AQT program participants.

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Creating exceptional teachers

Become part of a tightly knit group of like-minded students and make a difference to children's lives.

The Deakin alliance network

Almost 150 primary and secondary schools and early childhood centres across Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool make up the Deakin alliance network. Our unique model works to simultaneously strengthen and support pre-service teacher education in ways that align to school improvement. Every school in the network has been identified as a high impact provider engaging in exceptional practice and leading the development of evidence-based teachers,

By undertaking a professional experience placement in a Deakin alliance network school, you'll benefit from:

  • additional mentoring and development support
  • additional support via a site director
  • the opportunity to receive a preferred place and, at some schools, an exclusive placement
  • evidence-based assessment strategies
  • opportunities to enhance pedagogical practice.

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Online study options

You don’t need to change your lifestyle to study at Deakin. Our dedicated online classroom lets you choose when and where you learn, so you can develop a study routine that works for you. Learn via our premium interactive platform, connect with teachers and students in a few clicks and access Australia’s highest rated tech support.#

International, national and rural professional experience

Our highly sought after professional experience opportunities can be undertaken overseas or in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or regional communities. Choose from a number of schools across Australasia, Europe and the Americas or keep it local in a regional country town.

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Flexible study options

Accessibility and flexibility are the hallmarks of Deakin courses. We strive to provide greater flexibility for work, travel and planning other activities around your study commitments. You can:

  • choose the trimester you start in
  • study full or part-time
  • study a single unit before committing to a full degree
  • take advantage of 'intensive mode' and complete an entire unit in two consecutive days or full-classes spread across several weeks
  • attend workshops and seminars and gain the advantage of peer discussion and networking.

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# According to the Voice Project IT Service Quality Support Benchmark Survey