Arts Education Teaching and Research Group

The Arts Education Teaching and Research Group works to engage and educate through arts-led participatory action and research in order to promote arts literacy, aesthetic and creative practice.

This involves engaging with critical scholarship and arts-led research within and across the disciplines of dance, drama, media, music, and visual art.

Our focus

Our group is committed to research-led pedagogy, and research-led curriculum design and implementation in order to provide critically well-informed practices related to discipline-based and interdisciplinary arts education learning.

We're committed to a critically open, democratic, inclusive and socially just global community, and invest our efforts in providing educational experiences that contribute to this vision.

In particular, we believe educators are professionals who should be familiar with the contested natures of both curriculum and pedagogy in order to exercise their professional autonomy through their valuing, judgements and activities.

We consider it is our role to support all educators in their professional learning in order to contribute to the public good.

Study opportunities

We offer core arts education units in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in early childhood, primary and secondary teacher education.

Specialist methodologies are offered in dance, drama, media, music and visual art in early childhood, in a P–Year 10 context and in the VCE years of learning.

Group members

Our group members have expertise in a variety of research areas.

Please see their individual profiles for research interests and supervision experience.


Higher degree by research (HDR) students work on a range of research projects across arts education research areas.

Student projects

Project titleStudent Supervisory team
A somatic exploration of relational movement in Argentine tango Raffaele Rufo Dr Jo Raphael, Dr Rea Dennis, Dr Sally Gardner
Coming to know the accompanied solo: an inquiry into the use of shared improvised movement for personal and social knowing Susan Mullane Dr Jo Raphael, A/Prof Joanne O’Mara
Drama education in early childhood – an inquiry into how teachers perceive drama education in the EC curriculum Katherine Zachest Dr Jo Raphael
White haze, black gaze: lifting the veil on women’s business Deanne Gilson Dr Shelley Hannigan, Professor Estelle Barrett
Arts-based strategies, teacher aides and inclusive education Jo-Anne Britt Dr Shelley Hannigan, Dr Tim Corcoran
A theoretical and reflective inquiry into creativity and visual art education Min Chen Dr Shelley Hannigan

Contact us

For more information about arts education research, please contact Jo Raphael.

Jo Raphael
Senior Lecturer, Arts Education 
Email Jo Raphael
+61 3 924 46829