Language, Literacies and Learning Teaching and Research Group

The Language, Literacies and Learning (LLL) Teaching and Research Group brings together educators whose research and expertise spans early childhood, primary, secondary and higher education.

The group engages in research involving language and literacy learning in education, community and workplace settings; and engagement with print and digital communicative forms in early childhood, school, home and leisure time settings.

Our focus

We develop research across a range of contexts, the focus of which includes language development; literature and literary experience; the literacies entailed in engagement in digital culture, social media and the online world; and the experiences of diverse learners with both traditional and multimodal texts.  

We are committed to investigating ways in which educators, learners and community members can maintain a critically reflective stance within educational environments that are increasingly subject to regulation and compliance. We are interested in a range of forms of inquiry that enable learners to become critical, capable and creative users of new and traditional communicative literacy forms.

Study opportunities

Our team actively design and teach core language and literacy units for the following graduate and postgraduate teacher education courses:

Group members

Our group members have expertise in a variety of research areas.

Please see their individual profiles for research interests and supervision experience.


HDR students work on a range of research projects across the areas of language, literacies and learning.

Student projects

Project TitleStudentSupervisor
A focus on literacy development in primary schools in the Solomon Islands: engaging parents to support children’s English reading development, (Masters’ research)Casper Hillary MeiyaDr Sarah Ohi (Principal Supervisor)
An investigation of educator-child relationships and wellbeing of under 3-year-olds (PhD, Education)Nicole DownesA/Prof Louise Paatsch (Associate Supervisor)
Assessment as a giftAndrew Eyers
Children’s play: an analysis of involvement in dramatic play, (PhD, Education)Natalie Elizabeth RobertsonA/Prof Louise Paatsch (Associate Supervisor)
Critical literacy in an Indonesian EFL setting: sustaining professional learning, (PhD, Education)Gin Gin GustineDr Kirsten Hutchison (Principal Supervisor)
Intercultural subjectivities of the everyday: A study of Australian school kids, (PhD, Education)Brandi Nichole FoxA/Prof Anne Cloonan (Associate Supervisor)
It don't mean a thing' 'literary' language in senior secondary classrooms, (PhD, Education)Paul Joseph DuckDr Glenn Auld (Principal Supervisor)
Literacy in and for the 21st centuryDamian LyonsDr Glenn Auld (Associate Supervisor)
Students with vision impairments in higher education, a UAE case study (PhD, Education)Muna Mohamed Al HammadiA/Prof Anne Cloonan (Associate Supervisor), A/Prof Louise Paatsch (Associate Supervisor)
Teachers’ aides training and professional learning in mainstream secondary schoolsDianne GibsonA/Prof Louise Paatsch (Associate Supervisor)
Teacher professional practice and an ethic of care: an everyday problematicLisa BreenDr Glenn Auld (Associate Supervisor)
The complexities of language in education policies in the Pacific: the Kiribati context, Master's research project P. Ingram Dr Sarah Ohi
The role of play in teaching English as a foreign language in early childhood settings in Indonesia, PhD D. Mulia Dr Sarah Ohi, Dr Anne-Marie Morrissey and Dr Liz Rouse
The role of the writer in creating narrative-driven digital educational games (PhD, Education)Luke Conrad JacksonA/Prof Joanne O’Mara (Executive Supervisor)
Virtual worlds as pedagogical places: experiences of higher education staffLeah Irene IrvingA/Prof Anne Cloonan (Associate Supervisor)

Research projects

Graduate Teacher Conferences: Design, Implementation and Evaluation


Research team: A/Prof Bernadette Walker-Gibbs, Prof Christine Ure, A/Prof Andrea Gallant, Dr Matthew Thomas, Dr Emma Rowe, Mr Ray Messer, Dr Sarah Ohi, A/Prof Amanda Mooney, Dr Julie Arnold, Dr Gaelene Hope-Rowe, Dr Peter O'Keefe, Mrs Kate Harvie, Mrs Jacqui Peters, Mrs Katrina Broadhead, Mrs Karen Chaur, Mrs Kate Moncrieff, Dr Kellie Sanders

2019: $77,881

2018: $182, 564

Development and delivery of the Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship Pilot Program


Research team: Catherine Beavis, M Grossman, A Keddie, T Cinque, L Pangrazio, and M Vergani

Funding: $66,755

Researching the everyday digital in children’s lives


Research team: J Sefton-Green, Catherine Beavis, Anne Cloonan and Kirsten Hutchison

Funding: Norm Curry Bequest

Building early language and literacy


Research team: A Nolan, Louise Paatsch, B Raban

Funding: $19,675

Transition: Improved Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes (Survey)


Research team: B Doig and Joanne O'Mara

Funding: $50,95

Creative, critical, digital: connecting home and school literacies


Research team: Anne Cloonan, Kirsten Hutchison, Louise Paatsch

Funding: Catholic Education Melbourne, $114 000

Doing diversity


Research team: C Halse, F Mansouri, R Arber, C Arrowsmith, C Charles, Anne Cloonan, N Densen, J Moss, Sarah Ohi, J O’Mara, Y Paradis, N Priest

Funding: ARC Linkage Project, $630 000

Leading Indigenous Cultural Inclusion Module


Research team: Glenn Auld in collaboration with the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership (Bastow) and the Koorie Unit of the Learning

Funding: $120,000

The Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, Literature Review


Research team: A Kostogriz, C Vale, Glenn Auld, D Blake, L Bragg, Sarah Ohi, T Ollis, Joanne O’Mara, Louise Paatsch, G Williams

Literacy in the digital world of the twenty-first century: learning from computer games


Research team: Professor Catherine Beavis, Professor Clare Bradford, Associate Professor Joanne O'Mara and Dr Christopher Walsh.

Funding: ARC Linkage research project 2012–2015

Serious play: using digital games in school to promote literacy and learning in the twenty-first century


Research team: Catherine Beavis, M Dezuanni, J O’Mara, S Prestidge, L Rowan, C Wyatt-Smith, J Zagami and Y San Chee

Funding: $122,500

A techno-historical trail of Peek Whuurong historical sites created by local students

Research team: J Lynch and Terri Redpath

Funding: $28,529

Funding and awards

School of Education Teaching Award


For Sustained Excellence in Teaching 2015–2017

Recipient: Dr Sarah Ohi

Vice-Chancellor's Prizes and Awards for Outstanding Contributions


For providing highly supportive Cloud learning through strategic partnerships and premium digital resources, effectively preparing students for placement.

Recipients: Maria Nicholas, Denise Simons, Rebecca Claire, Lisa Bell, Rosemarie Garner, Stephen Newnham and Glenn Mcnolty

Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence


Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence, Faculty of Arts and Education

Recipient: Maria Nicholas

HDR publication prize

'Affordances of using multiple videoed events to construct a rich understanding of adult–child book readings', International Journal of Research & Method in Education

Researcher: Maria Nicholas (2016, online first version)

Contact us

For more information about language, literacies and learning research, please contact Sarah Ohi.

Dr Sarah Ohi
Senior Lecturer in Education (Language and Literacy Education)
Email Sarah Ohi
+61 3 9244 3747