Deakin's 3D GAIT Lab boasts the most advanced motion analysis available. Using 3D motion, it provides people with a three-dimensional assessment of their biomechanics as they walk or run. As well as a great practical learning facility for our students, our 3D GAIT equipment is also available to the public.

Get the skills the sport industry wants

The facilities and real clients at our 3D GAIT lab equip students with specific skills the sport industry seeks out. Technical know-how is combined with theory application and consulting expertise.

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Improve performance and avoid injury

Many professional and amateur athletes use our lab to scientifically determine whether their gait is optimal.

By analysing movement patterns in 3D, we can identify any atypical movements anywhere on the body. Correcting these can lead to better athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

How does 3D GAIT work?

First, reflective markers are placed on key anatomical areas of your body, like your ankles and knees. Then, as you run or walk, a state-of-the-art Vicon camera system measures your movement in 3D.

Compare your movement with thousands of others

We're the only laboratory in Australia to partner with the developers of 3D GAIT. This means we have access to the world's largest database of three-dimensional biomechanical walking and running data.

We identify atypical patterns in a client's movement by comparing their results with this database.

See Deakin's 3D GAIT lab in action

Welcome to the 3D GAIT lab at Deakin. We're a world class gait laboratory that provides a three-dimensional walking and running biomechanical assessment for active people.

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The 3D GAIT team

Our team includes a physiotherapist, a biomechanist, PhD students and research technicians.

You don't have to be an athlete to use this facility. An accurate gait analysis can be useful for walkers and runners of all ages and activity levels, and you don't need to be injured.

The test takes an hour to complete and you can always book repeat tests if you want to check the effect of orthotics, shoes or rehabilitation programs. We ask you to wear tight exercise clothes or shorts and a t-shirt.

Contact us to make an appointment or if you have any questions.

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