Specialised Indoor Exercise and Sport Science Building

The Specialised Indoor Exercise and Sport Science Building houses clinical space, exercise stations, tutorial space, staff offices and innovative laboratories across four levels.

Bringing sport into the 21st century

Australia’s #1 sport sciences school now has a brand new building with more state-of-the-art equipment than ever before.

The Specialised Indoor Exercise and Sport Science Building has been designed to future-proof sports science at Deakin for the next 20 years, and has something for students at all levels. Undergraduate students will use the facilities on levels three and four to fulfil the course requirements for their bachelor degrees, while masters students work with clients on level one and research students operate from offices on level two.

The larger facilities will allow more students to participate in a range of activities simultaneously, and exercises previously undertaken outdoors can now be done inside without the restrictions of weather.

Modern technology for the professionals of the future

When you study in the Specialised Indoor Exercise and Sport Science Building, you’ll be using some of Australia’s most advanced sports and exercise facilities. The building is full of exciting features.

Deakin Clinical Exercise Centre (DCEC)

The building is the new home of the Deakin Clinical Exercise Centre. Here, postgraduate students work closely with accredited exercise physiologists to treat real clients.

Climate chamber

Head up to Level 3 to visit the climate chamber. The environment here is all controlled for you – temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, humidity ranging from extremely dry to very humid, and altitudes from sea level to 5000 metres. The chamber can fit 10–12 people and is designed to help you learn how the body responds to different environments. The chamber can also be used by our partner sporting organisations and elite athletes to train for specific conditions.

Biomechanics laboratory

Our world-class biomechanics laboratory is on Level 4. A range of equipment in the laboratory allows you to measure the biomechanics (physics of movement) of just about any sports skill you can think of. A 40-metre running track with inbuilt force plates measures the impact of running, while mobile high-speed cameras allow you to capture and analyse a range of sport movements. Retractable netting creates enclosed spaces where you can perform a movement – such as kicking a football – while measuring the speed of the projectile, capturing the force of your feet against the floor and filming your technique to analyse later.

Motor learning laboratory

Level 4 also houses the motor learning laboratory – a place where you can learn and practise new motor skills. The main feature of this laboratory is the specialised impact wall, which you can hit and throw objects against without causing damage. Need to work on your tennis serve? We can project a target onto the wall and measure your skill development and accuracy.

Construction timelapse

Watch Building U go up in 40 seconds! Our brand new $32 million exercise and sport science building features state-of-the-science technology and equipment.

Our students can go out and work in professional sporting organisations and they won’t be surprised by what they see because we have the same state-of-the-art equipment here. They’re being exposed to cutting-edge industry standards.

Professor Rod Snow

Associate Head of School, International and Partnerships, School of Exercise and Nutrition Science

The latest in sport science

Practical learning through innovation

Technology has transformed exercise and sport careers. Whether you want to be an athlete, a coach, a team manager or an exercise physiologist, your role tomorrow will look different than it did yesterday.

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