Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships

SL&RR (formerly Living Safer Sexual Lives: Respectful Relationships or LSSL:RR) uses a community-driven and collaboratively developed model to deliver a peer-led relationships and sexuality program for people with disabilities in local communities. It was developed in collaboration with people with intellectual disability and University researchers.

About SL&RR

SL&RR is for anyone with an intellectual disability who wants to talk about and share ideas about having respectful relationships in their lives.

People with intellectual disability are trained as peer educators to run the program in collaboration with community sexual health and sexual assault response professionals who are trained as program co-facilitators.

Together peer educators and co-facilitators form local networks that work together to promote, further develop and evaluate the program and to connect it to other abuse prevention work locally.

This model and program are unique. It focuses on ideas of rights, privacy and safety within relationships using stories told by people with disability and gathered through life story research. People with disabilities are engaged throughout the program and drive the ongoing development of the model.

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Patsie Frawley

National Co-ordinator
Amie O'Shea

Program Assistant
Monica Wellington

Research and report outcomes

For more detailed information about the program, two associated reports are available for download:

'Real people, Core business: report on the development of a peer led violence and abuse prevention program for people with an intellectual disability'
Read on DRO

PDF Adopting mainstream approaches: Taking account of and including people with an intellectual disability in violence and abuse prevention1005.5KB

Network site contact details

Currently there are SL&RR network sites in the following areas. You can click on each site to learn more.

There are other network sites in NSW and Victoria which are currently under development. You can contact us to talk about areas which are not mentioned here.

Central Victoria

More information on SL&RR in Central Victoria coming soon. To learn more about the Bendigo local network you can contact:

Louise Holland
Community Health Nurse, Bendigo Community Health Services
+61 3 5448 1600

Melbourne West

More information on SL&RR in Western Melbourne is coming soon. To learn more about the Melbourne West local network you can contact:

Georgia Ride
Health Promotion Officer, Cohealth
+61 3 9680 1136


SL&RR Barwon is gearing up to offer several program opportunities in 2017. For more information you can contact:

Natasha Williams
+61 3 5249 8900


More information on SL&RR in Gippsland is coming soon. To learn more about the Gippsland local network you can contact:

Alisha Gilliland
Rural Access Project Officer, South Gippsland Shire Council
+61 3 5662 9376

Mornington Peninsula

SL&RR Mornington Peninsula is gearing up to offer several program opportunities in 2017. For more information you can contact:

Virginia Richardson
Metro Access worker, Mornington Peninsula Shire
+61 3 5950 1630

Melbourne North

SL&RR Melbourne North is gearing up to offer several program opportunities in 2017. For more information you can contact:

Anna Vu
Health Promotion Officer, cohealth
+61 3 8398 4199

Sydney West and Sydney South West

SL&RR is being run in trial sites in Sydney West and Sydney South West in early 2017. If you would like more information you can contact:

Zhila Hansaloo
Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association
+61 2 9891 6400


Past events


Deakin Downtown, Melbourne
25 October 2017

PD Day is a chance for trained Peer Educators and Program Partners from across our sites to gather together, meet each other and create networks.

The theme of the day is ‘working together’ and will include a workshop from an external facilitator on how we can continue to improve our group work and facilitation skills.

The PD day is free but registration must be received by 13 September by email to

Having a Say Conference

Geelong, Victoria, February 2017
Presentation by Linda Stokoe, Emily Ardley, Rebecca Davie, Victoria Cini and Amie O’Shea.

Sex, sexuality and the rights of people with a disability forum

Melbourne University, April 2017
Presentation by Linda Stokoe and Patsie Frawley

Family Planning Victoria: The Pleasure Agenda

Melbourne, May 2017
Presentation by Patsie Frawley

Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health; SEXrurality conference

Lancefield, Victoria, August 2017
Keynote plenary presentation by Amie O’Shea, Victoria Cini and Emily Ardley and peer to peer workshop by peer educators and program partners from across the networks.

Deakin University Sexuality Educators Course

Deakin, September 2017

Guest Lectures – Health and Physical Education

Deakin University, July 18, 19 and 21
Presentations by Patsie Frawley.

Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity

Hawaii, USA, October 2017

Professional Development Day - SL&RR, Working Together

Deakin Downtown, Melbourne, October 25

Employing the experts: Sexual lives and respectful relationships peer educators at Deakin University

Centre for Health through Action on Social Exclusion forum
Melbourne, November 2017

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Get involved

SL&RR is always growing and looking for new people to participate. If you would like to set up a local SL&RR site network, and would like more information, feel free to get in touch.

We would also love to hear from you. Share your stories and experiences with SL&RR and stay up to date with our growing community.

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