Short courses and workshops

It’s not only undergraduate and postgraduate students that can take advantage of our world-class teaching. We currently offer professional development courses for those working in child care and research, and an educational performance-based program that can come to your school or workplace.

Child play therapy

We offer several two-day courses exploring the concepts and practice of child play therapy. These courses are ideal for practitioners, therapists and teachers, as well as other professionals interested in the basic concepts of child play therapy. 

We also offer training in the assessment tool Child-Initiated Pretend Play Assessment (ChIPPA).

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Theatre-based education programs

Eating disorders and violence against women are the highly topical issues being explored by our touring workshops. 

Taking the format of a 30-minute, one-actor performance followed by a guided discussion, these programs have been incredibly popular since their launch in 2015. 

We encourage high schools, primary schools, community groups and workplaces to book us in this year.

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