Student support and accommodation

Our Student Support Program provides assistance and accommodation for Deakin and non-Deakin undergraduate and postgraduate health professional students who are undertaking clinical or research placements in the Western Victoria region.

Student Support Program

Deakin Rural Health's Student Support Program aims to improve both the clinical and learning experiences of students on placement in regional Victoria. We offer a range of services, resources and support to students during their placements, including shared accommodation facilities that encourage students to interact with students from other disciplines.

Students' clinical experiences are evaluated post-placement and reported in publications to the Australian Government, students and the broader community. Feedback is also used to identify improvements to the services and support offered under the program.

Our accommodation is available to students (Deakin and non-Deakin) undertaking studies in the following health-related disciplines:

  • Aboriginal health*
  • audiology*
  • dentistry*
  • diagnostic radiography*
  • exercise physiology
  • health promotion/health information
  • medical radiation*
  • medicine
  • midwifery
  • nuclear medicine*
  • nursing
  • nutrition and dietetics
  • occupational therapy
  • optometry
  • oral health*
  • orthoptics*
  • orthotics/prosthetics*
  • paramedicine*
  • pharmacy*
  • physiotherapy*
  • podiatry*
  • psychiatry*
  • psychology
  • radiation therapy*
  • social work
  • sonography*
  • speech pathology*.

*These disciplines are not offered at Deakin.

Student placement accommodation

This high-standard accommodation helps to support undergraduate and postgraduate health professional students while on clinical or research placements throughout the region.

Accommodation consists of individual bedrooms with a shared kitchen, living room, laundry and bathroom facilities. The accommodation is available at a low cost and is generally located close to the main hospital and associated health services in each town.

We currently have accommodation available in the following towns.


Cost: Free


  • Three fully furnished, four and five-bedroom houses
  • Shared kitchen, living area, bathroom and laundry
  • Located 230m from East Grampians Health Service


Cost: $140 per week


  • Fully furnished three-bedroom house
  • Located 1km from South West Healthcare, Camperdown Campus


Cost: $140 per week


  • Four fully furnished, three and four-bedroom houses
  • Shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry, study and living areas
  • Located across from Colac Area Health


Cost: $140 per week


  • Two fully furnished, four-bedroom houses
  • Shared kitchen, bathroom and living area
  • Located near Hamilton Base Hospital/Western District Health Services


Cost: $140 per week


  • Two fully furnished, three-bedroom houses
  • Located 3km from Wimmera Health Care Group/Horsham Base Hospital


Cost: $140 per week


  • Two fully furnished, three and four-bedroom houses
  • Shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living area
  • Free wi-fi
  • Located near Portland Hospital and associated health services


Accommodation in Stawell is available for $70 AUD per week. 12 bedrooms are available with communal kitchen, living, laundry, study area and four shared bathrooms .

Cost: $70 per week


  • Fully furnished house with 12 single bedrooms
  • Sared kitchen, living, study and laundry facilities
  • Four shared bathrooms
  • Free wi-fi


Cost: $140 per week


  • Two fully furnished, four-bedroom houses
  • Shared kitchen, laundry, bathroom and living areas

Student accommodation

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Student placement financial assistance

Deakin students may be eligible for financial assistance when undertaking a rural placement and are encouraged to explore the below support options.

Externally funded scholarships

Other financial support opportunities

Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the various opportunities for financial support that are available to all Deakin students. Our Division of Student Life is the point-of-contact for students who might seek financial grants, emergency food and travel vouchers, and budget advice. For any students who might experience financial difficulties, interest-free student loans for study-related expenses might be available.

Deakin students are also eligible to apply for Deakin's Rural Clinical Support Grant.