Global Obesity Centre

The Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE) is a research group based in the Centre for Population Health Research at Deakin University. GLOBE is a designated World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention.

A WHO Collaborating Centre

The Global Obesity Centre is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre (WHO-CC). These designated by the Director-General of the World Health Organisation to carry out activities in support of the Organisation's programs. Currently there are over 700 WHO collaborating centres in over 80 Member States working with WHO on areas such as nursing, occupational health, communicable diseases, nutrition, mental health, chronic diseases and health technologies.

We are sharing our experiences within Australia and exporting our strategies overseas, within South-East Asia, England and the US.

Professor Steven Allender

Our research

The current research focus of our unit is multidimensional and centres on the following key themes:

  • Monitoring of non-communicable diseases
  • Interventions with communities
  • Food systems and policy analysis
  • Systems thinking for non-communicable disease prevention.

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Tackling childhood obesity

Unit Head Professor Steven Allender leads a five-year trial tackling childhood obesity. The project increases the capacity of community leaders to use systems thinking for obesity prevention. Our program has the potential to provide models for communities across Australia and will make a real difference to the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Our project team will work with primary care partnerships, primary school principal networks, district health services, local councils and other partners from the Great South Coast Region of Victoria – a partnership that has already delivered several world-leading childhood obesity prevention interventions.

The Global Obesity Centre was the first centre recognised internationally by the World Health Organization of the 800 centres to respond to obesity and related issues within the Pacific region. The Global Obesity Centre has been in operation for over 10 years, providing advice, training and support to the WHO, its member countries and other major international groups on research and prevention strategies related to obesity prevention and disease surveillance/monitoring. This work has recently extended to consider the complex drivers of obesity and has focused on food systems, market accountability, and system wide change at all levels of community and real-time health monitoring and feedback.

Our team

Our unit is one of the largest research groups dedicated to obesity prevention research in Australia.

In the past decade we have secured over $20M of research funding and have expanded to include researchers across multiple disciplines, including nutrition and dietetics, epidemiology, political science and health economics.

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Our partners

Our focus is on supporting organisations, services and alliances to take on obesity prevention strategies. 

Our aim is to evaluate their effectiveness and introduce methodologies to monitor and improve obesity prevention and the burden of chronic disease.

Along with our advocacy and knowledge translation we provide a range of opportunities to partner and collaborate on addressing obesity and NCDs at local, regional, state, national and international levels.

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