Advanced Materials Chemistry and Synthesis Facility

Chemistry is an important building block for much of IFM’s research and we have extensive facilities for materials chemistry at both Geelong and Melbourne campuses.
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Our facilities include laboratories for chemical synthesis of new molecules and materials, surface chemical manipulations, polymer processing, and decoration of nanomaterials and membranes.

These laboratories include standard basic requirements for chemical handling and manipulation such as fumehoods, rotary evaporators and hot plate stirrers. As well, we have many other task specific chemical manipulation apparatus such as potentiostats and batch reactors.

Such facilities are essential, both for fabricating new materials at the cutting edge and also to modify materials to impart extraordinary functionality.

Our research includes: synthesis of novel molecules; surface modification of metals, carbon fibres, and biopolymers; processing new polymeric materials for high value added applications; battery electrolytes; corrosion suppressing additives, and more.

These state-of-the-art facilities are essential for the development of new technologies and underpin fundamental understanding for high impact and translatable research.

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Professor Luke Henderson
Professor Luke Henderson