Staff listing

The Electron Microscope Facility staff are responsible for developing, operating, and maintaining instrumentation, capabilities, training and/or collaborating with users on specific instruments. Our staff members provide an advanced level of expertise in the particular type of characterisation technique being utilised.

Research Staff

Director of Advanced Characterisation
Dr Ross Marceau      
TEM Instrument Specialist
Dr Pavel Cizek      
TEM Instrument Specialist
Dr Ilana Timokhina      
Research Fellow
Dr Jiangting Wang

Technical Staff

Manager of Electron Microscopy
Dr Andrew Sullivan          
Manager of Focused Ion Beam Microscopy
Dr Mark Nave          
Manager of TEM operations
Rosey Van Driel          
Characterisation Specialist
Dr Adam Taylor          
SEM specialist/ APT and TEM support
Dr Huaying (Maggie) Yin
Neoscope and consumable support
Mr Kyle Nicholson