Fibres and Textiles Facility

The conditioned textile testing laboratory and instrument laboratory have a range of advanced equipment/facilities for testing the properties of fibres, yarns and fabrics.
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I think polymer nanofibre technology, like the internet, will revolutionise the way we live. It has the potential to improve technologies in medicine, energy, security, the environment and more.



Testing capabilities

Fibre measurement


  • Fibre diameter measurement
  • 70mm glass slide, large glass slide and staple slide measurement
  • Measures mean fibre diameter, SD and curvature
  • Measures fibre diameter versus length for staple fibres
  • Can measure greasy staple fibres


  • Top length and fibre diameter measurement

Sifan II

  • Single fibre tensile testing
  • Natural and synthetic fibres
  • 15mm–150mm gauge length
  • Single angle diameter scanning along fibre length

Sifan III

  • Single fibre tensile testing
  • Natural and synthetic fibres
  • 15mm–150mm gauge length
  • Multiple angle diameter scanning along fibre length

Textechno Fibrestress

  • Single fibre bending abrasion measurement.
  • Bending abrasion measurement at 90° and 110°
  • Tensile fatigue under constant load/unload
  • 25 fibres per run
  • Variable oscillation rate (0.25–2Hz)
  • Variable oscillation distance (1–10mm)

Agilent universal testing machine (UTM) T150

  • Nanomechanical characterisation

Tristar 3000 Surface Porosity Analyser

  • Short fibre, nanoparticles and powder surface area and size measurement

Yarn measurement

Zweigle G565

  • Yarn hairiness tester

Uster tester 4SE

  • Yarn evenness tester
  • Measures fine yarns, rovings and sliver
  • Inline hairiness sensor

James Heal and Co. quadrant yarn twist tester

Mesdan lab yarn count tester

USTER Tensorapid 3

  • Yarn tensile tester


  • Twin screw extrusion
  • Single screw extrusion
  • Hills bicomponent/meltspin extrusion
  • Sigma atmospheric plasma
  • Vacuum plasma

General measurement

Instron30kN tensile tester

  • Tensile testing for fibres, yarns, fabrics and composites

Bruker VERTEX 80 FT-IR spectrometer

  • Provides high resolution spectra and PEAK spectral resolution of materials

Cary 5000 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

  • Measures precisely transmission and specula reflection spectra

Cary 3 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

  • Is well-suited to materials testing of both turbid liquid and solid samples

Malvern Mastersizer

  • Uses the technique of laser diffraction to measure the size of particles for emulsions, suspensions and dry powders
  • Hydro 2000S dispersion unit
  • Ultrasonic dispersion
  • Particle size from 60 nm - 1000 µm

Malvern Zetasizer

  • Measures particle and molecule size from below a nanometer to several microns for nanoparticle, colloid and protein

KSV Contact Angle and Surface Tension Meter

  • Measures water contact angle and surface energy on varied materials, i.e. textiles, polymers, paper, film and others
  • Surface contact angle versus time measurement
  • Wetting time measurement
  • Liquid surface tension measurement

DataColor reflection spectrophotometer

  • Colour measurement and matching of fibres and fabrics

Ahiba Nuance Dyeing Machine

  • Used for dyeing fibres, yarn and fabrics under controllable temperatures and heating rates

Wascator washing machine

  • A standard reference washing machine for evaluating fabric shrinkage/dimensional change

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