Metal Surfaces Facility

The Metal Surfaces Facility at the Institute for Frontier Materials houses an extensive range of equipment for the testing, treatment and measurement of metal surfaces.
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What we do

Wire drawing rig

Measures friction during metal wire drawing, comparison of lubricant performance.

Crossed cylinders wear rig

Measures wear of surfaces, performance of lubricants, comparisons of tool coatings.

Bend Under Tension Test

Simulates sheet bending in sheet metal forming, measurements of friction, comparison of lubricants.

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GDOES)

Measures elemental profiles through surfaces, quantitative analysis of coatings and surfaces.

Surface treatment/Heat treatment

Fluidised bed furnaces (novel diffusion treatments, conventional surface treatments).


  • Maximum temperature: 1000°C
  • Retort diameter: 90mm
  • Retort depth: 200mm

Atomic Force Microscopy

Measures surface topography.


  • Asylum Research Cypher AFM


  • Closed loop imaging from tens of microns down to atomic scales
  • Small cantilevers for high-speed scanning
  • High-speed, low-noise force measurements
  • High-bandwidth data acquisition
  • Diffraction-limited optical sample viewing/imaging
  • Automated laser alignment

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Metal Surfaces Facility
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