Nanomaterial Manufacture Facility

IFM has a large range of facilities for nanomaterials synthesis and processing. These facilities are used to create new nanomaterials for applications such as energy storage, environmental protection and transportation.
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Our facilities include sputtering system (PVD), plasma-enhanced CVD reactors, fluid-bed reactors, hydrothermal/solvothermal vessels, different types of ball milling systems, anodization system, advanced plasma system, and solid-state reactors (various types of tube and muffle furnaces).

IFM also has equipment to produce large quantities of electrode materials for industry-scale application.

These facilities are designed to help us create new nanomaterials which will play a role in developing new technologies, such as: i) large scale energy storage, ii) energy saving technologies; iii) efficient heat dissipation technologies; and iv) technologies for environmental protection. These technologies will revolutionise industries in energy, aerospace, automotive and electronics.

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Professor Ian Chen
Chair of Nanotechnology 
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Professor Tiffany Walsh
Professor of Bionanotechnology 
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