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At IFM, we work alongside a wide range of businesses, government bodies and other research entities to accelerate research outcomes and translate the knowledge we help create into real-world applications.
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ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES)

IFM's collaboration with ACES is funded by grants from the Australian Research Council, an independent body responsible for helping to further Australian research outcomes, which reports to the federal minister for education and training.

ACES' goal is to turn our knowledge of materials into the next generation of ‘smart devices’ for the benefit of the community.

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The Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC)

Research into fibres and textiles at Deakin University is carried out as part of the Australian Future Fibres Research and Innovation Centre (AFFRIC).

AFFRIC works with the fibre, textile, composite, automotive and aerospace industries and also assists in the translation of research into end-user applications.

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Research hubs and training centres

ARC Future Fibres Hub

The Future Fibres Hub is an Australian Research Council (ARC) supported initiative helping to transform Australian fibres and textiles manufacturing. Researchers in the hub are developing novel fibre technologies to facilitate more sustainable, advanced manufacturing of fibre materials.

The research falls under three main themes: nanofibres; carbon fibre composites; and high value-added applications. Expected outcomes include reducing our environmental footprint and improving public health and wellbeing.

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ARC Research Hub for Transforming Australia's Manufacturing Industry through High-Value Additive Manufacturing

Working in collaboration with industry partners and higher education providers,  the ARC research hub for transforming Australia’s manufacturing industry through high-value additive manufacturing’s focus is on new additive manufacturing technology – also known as 3D printing. 

This type of manufacturing can build components from metal alloy powders or wires by selective laser or electron beam melting.

ARC Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency

Deakin University is leading a new training centre to transform materials innovation in the mining equipment sector. The training centre, announced in 2016, will educate innovators ready to position Australian manufacturers at the forefront of this multi-billion dollar market.

ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures

Deakin University is a partner in the training centre led by RMIT University to develop new lightweighting technologies, which are key to reducing CO2 emissions from transportation. The intended outcome is to accelerate the transformation of Australia’s automotive industry from vehicle production to export of design and engineering services, high-value products, and novel technology solutions.

Building a new industry takes commitment, an unwavering focus on innovation and strong partnerships between academia and industry.



Featured research

Would you drive a bamboo car?

A new IFM project, supported by the AutoCRC, investigates the use of bamboo as an alternative natural fibre for use in automotive applications. 

Earlier work by IFM researchers has shown that bamboo has antibacterial properties and also offers UV protection – properties that could help improve the durability of bio-composites. As manufacturers around the world look for ways to meet new regulations for recyclability, these materials offer obvious advantages. 

The next step is to combine bamboo with another natural fibre in order to further tailor the properties and thus the performance of the bio-composites.

Cooperative Research Centres

The IFM collaborates with three Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). CRCs improve the effectiveness of Australia’s research effort through bringing together researchers in the public and private sectors with end users. The CRC program links researchers with industry and government with a focus towards research acceleration and application.

Excellerate Australia

Excellerate Australia (formerly AutoCRC) is a visionary partnership heavily involving Deakin University. It's set to make Australia a leader in the design of new lightweight environmentally friendly cars.

Energy Pipelines CRC

The Energy Pipelines CRC was established in early 2010 for the purposes of providing research and education to support and benefit the energy pipelines industry in Australia. Its aim is to provide value to the Australian community through facilitating the development of safer, more efficient and reliable energy pipelines.

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Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC)

The IMCRC will accelerate Australia’s rapid transition into high-value, knowledge-based manufacturing. 

It will do this through leadership, support and the facilitation of innovative manufacturing organisations and entrepreneurs as the visible leaders of the Australian manufacturing sectors of the future. 

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Featured research

Concrete carpet combo

A collaboration between IFM researchers, Geelong’s GT Recycling and Australia’s largest carpet manufacturer, Geelong-based Godfrey Hirst, has resulted in a new technology for recycling polymer textiles. 

Working closely together, they were able to modify the polymers in carpet to maximize recycling potential. This resulted in a new product, GTfibrecrete, which is used as a longer-life, lower-maintenance alternative to wire mesh as reinforcement in footpaths, gravel and road surfaces.

Industry partners

Deakin conducts its research with a wide variety of industry partners in order to accelerate application outcomes, provide students with industry experience and to foster collaborative environments.

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Electromaterials and corrosion

Metals and composites

International partners

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