BatTRI-Hub is a unique, world class research and innovation centre focused on advanced battery prototyping and the commercialisation of energy storage technologies.

Future global economic and social prosperity depends on sustainable power and energy, along with efficient infrastructure to support supply. The development of clean, efficient and cost effective technologies for harvesting renewable energy, grid integration and fixed and portable energy storage are fundamental to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing the increasing demands for energy.

Innovative battery technologies and their smart application will necessarily be at the heart of this new world of energy provision. Future generation battery chemistry and advanced materials for enhanced safety, output and longevity, light weighting and smart design for increased portability and function and smarter battery management systems are all critical for meeting energy storage requirements in the 21st century.

To accelerate progress in these areas, Deakin University and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) are collaborating to establish a new Battery Technology Research and Innovation Hub (BatTRI-Hub).

The hub is a significant first step in the expected development of a full pilot scale facility at Waurn Ponds, that we believe will be established in the next few years, with Government and industry support.

Dr Robert Kerr

Research Fellow

Our research

Beyond Lithium-ion Batteries

BatTRI-Hub has the flexibility to investigate battery chemistries that are not suitable for traditional lithiumion battery prototyping facilities. These include;

  • LITHIUM-AIR has the highest theoretical energy density of all device configurations (11,140 Wh/kg).
  • LITHIUM-SULFUR uses high energy-density sulfur-based cathodes
  • Sodium-based devices such as SODIUM-ION and SODIUM-AIR are attractive as a low-cost alternative to lithium-based devices

Featured researcher

Dr Robert Kerr has been fascinated with renewable energy technologies since he began his PhD, researching new catalyst materials for hydrogen fuel cells. He broadened his expertise during a two-year period as a researcher with the Danish alternative energy company, Danish Power Systems, before joining Deakin in mid-2015.

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