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Meet the Institute for Frontier Materials’ dedicated electromaterials and membranes research team.

Our team

Research Leaders

Australian Laureate Fellow & Chair in Electromaterials and Corrosion Sciences
Professor Maria Forsyth
Professor in Micro and Nanosystems
Professor Lingxue Kong
Adjunct Professor
Professor Tony Hollenkamp
Senior Research Fellow
Associate Professor Patrick Howlett
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Jenny Pringle

Senior Research Fellows

Senior Lecturer
Dr Luke O'Dell
NMR Spectroscopy
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Mary She
Membrane Characterisation

Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Fangfang Chen
Developing new materials for a sustainable energy future
Research Fellow in Metal Membranes
Dr Ludovic Dumée
Fabrication and characterisation of nano-porous materials

Research Fellow
Dr Matthias Hilder
Phosphonium ionic liquids for lithium batteries

Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Zheng Peng
Conductive polymer materials and micro- and nano-devices

Research Fellow
Dr Cristina Pozo-Gonzalo
Metal-air battery cathode catalysis and ionic liquid electrolytes

Research Associate
Dr Anthony Somers
Ionic liquids – applications with steel

Research Associate
Dr Xiaoen Wang
Novel organic ionic plastic crystal (OIPC)/electrospun fibre composites for batteries

Research Fellow
Dr Martin Yoon
New materials for sodium-ion batteries and portable power storage for defence applications

Research Fellow
Dr Haijin Zhu
Solid-state NMR studies of electromaterials and polymers


Francois-Marie Allioux Hybrid ion exchange membranes fabrication and characterisation
Danah Tawfiq Hasan Al-Masri Design and use of redox active ionic electrolytes for thermal energy harvesting
Feng An Aquaporins and laticifer turgor pressure in Hevea yield: mechanism of Ethrel stimulation
Srdan Begic Theoretical and experimental chemical physics of the electrode-electrolyte interface in ionic liquids
Shannon Biddulph Novel architecture and catalyst design for a metal-air battery system
Lijue Chen Co-delivery of fluorouracil and siRNA by mesoporous silica nanoparticles to drug resistant colorectal cancer
Weiwei Cong Alignment of lyotropical liquid crystalline nanostructure under external magnetic/electric field for membrane synthesis
Xiaowei Dong Porous structure of NiO/YSZ for DCFCs: electrostatic attraction approach and bimodal strengthening
Chunfang Feng Stretchable graphene-based materials of high conductivity
Tahir Ghandoori Rapid prototyping of polycarbonate microfluidic devices using a CO₂ laser
Gaetan Girard Phosphonium-based ionic liquids for lithium-ion battery electrolytes
Yuanyuan Guo Recombinant gene expression to harvest super performance biomedical materials
Chengpeng Li Synergistic reinforcement, crystallisation and degradation of PVA-grapehen-clay composites
Yongzhen LiFabrication of nano/micro- fibres from electrospinning of natural rubber for biomedical application
Bao Lin Porous de-alloyed metal membranes fabrication for desalination by membrane evaporation
Yanan Lv Molecular dynamics simulation of transition metal carbides
Faezah Makhlooghiazad Solid organic ionic plastic crystal (OIPC) electrolytes for Na batteries: phase behaviour and conductivity
Lane McDonald Novel plastic crystal membranes for gas separation
Youhai Qiu Robust object detection under partial occlusion
Rossie Rao Proton conducting membranes for flow battery
Xiangping Sun Machine learning based texture classification
Yajing Yan Ionic liquid electrolytes in Mg-Air batteries
Zhifeng Yi Functionalised mesoporous silica nanoparticles for smart agrichemical delivery system
Xinchu Zhao Functionalisation of microfluidics surface for molecular detection
Yundong ZhouDevelopment of plastic crystal-polymer nanofibre composites as solid state electrolytes