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Meet the Institute for Frontier Materials’ dedicated fibres, polymers, composites and textiles research team.

Our team


Pro Vice-Chancellor, Future Fibres
Professor Xungai Wang
Theme Leader - Polymers
Professor Qipeng Guo
ARC Future Fellow
Professor Tong Lin
Professor of Composite Materials
Professor Russell Varley
ARC Future Fellow
Associate Professor Joselito Razal
Associate Professor of Materials Chemistry
Associate Professor Luke Henderson

Senior Research Fellows

Senior Research Fellow
Dr Nolene Byrne
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Jingliang Li
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Bruce McGregor
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Minoo Naebe
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Alessandra Sutti

Research Fellows

Name Specialisation
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ben Allardyce
Silk-based biomaterials
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Claudia Creighton
Structure-property relationships of carbon fibre and rapid composite processing
Research Fellow
Dr Mandy de Souza
Surface finish of composites
Research Fellow
Dr Jian Fang
Research Fellow
Dr Christopher Hurren
Hemp fibres, biomaterials and functional fabrics
Research Fellow
Dr Xin Liu
Natural fibres and textiles
Research Fellow
Dr Maryam Naebe
Comfort properties of next-to-skin wool materials
Research Fellow
Dr Sahar Naghashian         
TEM study of carbon fibre, rapid cure composites, shape memory alloy composites
Research Fellow
Dr Rangam Rajkhowa
Natural fibre processing and silk-based biomaterials
Research Fellow
Dr Nisa Salim
High-performance carbon fibre
Research Fellow
Dr Shayan Ziabari Seyedin
Development of novel fibre spinning platforms for layered nanomaterials
Research Fellow
Dr Lu Sun
Using functional nanoparticles to prevent wool yellowing
Research Fellow
Yan Zhao
Functional fibres
Research Fellow
Dr Jinfeng Wang
Functional fibrous materials and applications such as UV protection and odour removal

Research Fellow
Dr Jin Zhang
Biological composites and protective materials
Casual Research Fellow
Dr Zhenyu Li
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Haitao Niu
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Steve Agius
Damage initiation within automotive primary structures
Casual Research Assistant
Dr Jing Wang
Natural fibre separation and applications

Research Engineers

Research Engineer (Fibre Hub)
Miss Sima Kashi
Research Engineer
Mr Madhu Suryanarayana


Peter Bruchmüller Micro-scale fatigue and fracture analysis in carbon composites
Zengxiao Cai Three-dimensional fibrous scaffolds with a nano-structural functional surface
Erwan Castanet Bio-composites for automotive applications
Jasmine Cleminson Production of neurotrophic factors by umbilical cord blood cells
Genevieve Crowle Differential dye uptake of Australian cotton fibre
Saeed Dadvar Multifunctional nanofibrous materials with superb characteristics
Chantal Denham Defining and applying the glass transition of cotton
Rasike De Silva Green natural fibre materials: processing, characterisation and applications
Linpeng Fan Self-reinforced three-dimensional silk fibroin nanofibre based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Gelayol GolkarnarenjiMathematical, experimental, modelling and simulation of oxidation ovens in carbon fibre process
Matthew Jennings The effect of processing parameters on sandwich structures for aerospace applications
Xing Jin Modelling of heat and moisture transfer through silkworm cocoon
Geo Jose Thermoforming of carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites
Mehdi Kazemimostaghim Silk powder production, characterisation and application
Quanxiang Li Hierarchical composites reinforced with carbon nanotube coated fibres
Xueyang Liu Preparation of electrostatic spinning anti-ultraviolet nanofibres
Maxime Maghe Environmentally benign solvents for carbon fibre precursor fibre spinning
Sepehr Moradi Cashmere and hair
Robert Nunn Towards environmentally sustainable carbon fibre
Srinivas Nunna Evaluation of new low-cost carbon fibres in automotive applications
Esfandiar Pakdel Enhancing textile features using nanocomposites
Amol Janardan Patil Enhancement of durability of polymer coated textiles
Racim Radjef Fibre-matrix adhesion of polymer coated carbon fibre
Deepa Ram Graphene reinforced nano-composites
Shauna Seneviratne Mode of action of ficolin in haematopoietic stem cells
Deyed Mohsen Seraji Bio Polymer Foams: processing, Properties and cellular structure
Linden Servinis Functionalisation of carbon fiber toward enhanced fibre/matrix adhesion
Sajjad Shafei Development of biodegradable composite fibre and film
Hao Shao Novel piezoelectric generators from electrospun nanofibres
Muhammad Nadeem Shuakat How nanofibre generators affect properties and productivity of nanofibre yarn
Charanpreet Singh A biomimetic approach for designing cardiovascular stent graft structures
Marinus van der Sluijs The mechanism of nep formation in Australian cotton processing
Elliard Roswell Yanza Development of nanostructured energy storing fibres using layered nanomaterials
Yao Yu UV interaction with fibres and fibrous structures
Omid Zabihi Polymer nano-composite with surface modified particles
Chao Zeng Novel methods and technologies to obtain water-controlled fabrics
Mingwen Zhang Synthesis of functional nanoparticles to prevent wool yellowing
Tao Zhang Synthesis and nanostructures of supramolecular organogels
Hua Zhou Durable, non-wetting fabrics: their preparation and wetting function
Licheng ZhuNovel fabric structures and their properties

Research support staff

Research Engineer
Madhu Suryanarayana
Techincal Officer
Marion Wright
Tristan Alexander
Alex Borda Coca
Shuying Wu
Josephine Posterino
Alexis Leblais