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Meet the Institute for Frontier Materials’ dedicated materials and process modelling team.

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Lead Investigators

Professor Of Bionanotechnology
Professor Tiffany Walsh
Professor Of Applied Mechanics
Professor Jeong Yoon
Associate Head Of School, Research
Associate Professor Bernard Rolfe

Research Fellows

Associate Research Fellow
Dr Shunying Zhang
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Jesus Pablo Palafox-Hernandez


Name Specialisation
Amir Abdollahpoor Crashworthiness of tailored hot stamped components
Aaron Brown
Andrew Church
Xiaowei Dong Porous structure of NiO/YSZ for direct carbon fuel cells
Kurt Drew
Idalina Alcantara Pinto Martins
Development of meshless methods for high speed drilling and machining processes of composite materials
Chunfang Feng Stretchable graphene-based materials of high conductivity
Klaus Fiedler Development of an integrated shape topology optimisation approach for structural design
Tahir Ghandoori Rapid prototyping of polycarbonate microfluidic devices using a CO₂ laser
Jingsi Jiao Understanding web-warping in flexible roll forming
Chengpeng Li Synergistic reinforcement, crystallisation and degradation of PVA-graphene-clay composites
Yanan Lv
Molecular dynamics simulation of alloy carbide clusters formation during early ageing process
Ahmad Moghadam Modelling wrinkling instabilities for flexible roll forming
Mariana Paulino Santos Influence of environmental spectrum on fatigue crack growth
James Raggatt
Paul Souza Studying the dynamic recrystallization of Ti-6Al-4V
Pushpakumar Sugirtharaj Systems approach to energy absorption in crashworthiness
Anas Sultan
Thi Minh Chanh Le
Tarekgn Chimdi Yarimo Molecular dynamics study and experimental characterisation of Na/Ag doped ionic plastic crystals for sustainable energy