Our research

Global health challenges require ideas and expertise drawn from a range of disciplines, as do innovation and public policy. We are the first Australian Institute to integrate research across prevention, population health, health systems, health economics and financing, and data and digital health.

Research domains

Covering the spectrum from health prevention to tertiary intervention, we work with our partners in industry, government and community to produce research that has real world impact.

Obesity Prevention

As a global leader in population-level obesity prevention research, we have teams working across the world to advance action to effectively and equitably reduce the prevalence of obesity. Our researchers and our methodological applications are drawn from multiple disciplines, including nutrition and dietetics, epidemiology, political science, health economics and artificial intelligence

Quality and Patient Safety

The Centre for Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) focuses on patient experience, patient safety, and workforce development to promote health and aged care safety and quality.

Health Economics

As one of Australia’s largest teams of health economists, we undertake work that spans prevention and treatment across the community and health sectors to ensure efficient allocation of health resources. Our expertise ranges from the design and implementation of economic evaluation and health technology assessment, to economic modelling and priority setting.

Determinants of Health

The Determinants of Health domain brings together long-standing experience across a diverse range of health determinants (social, environmental, commercial and political) that are outside health systems but have a significant impact on overall health and well-being.


Our research is published widely in top national and international journals including Lancet, Circulation, PLOS Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, BMJ Quality and Safety, Pediatrics, BMC Medicine, and Obesity Reviews.

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