Distributed Systems and Internet of Things Research Cluster

The Distributed Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) Research Cluster at Deakin aims to radically rethink life as embedded in the growing and emerging IoT, and to create innovative IoT to enrich and change our work and daily lives.

Major research areas

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system that may have sensors, software, electronics and connectivity embedded in order for it to perform optimally, as well as provide valuable data and better connectivity with other connected devices. Our research focuses on these systems and how we best create, use, implement and secure them.

Distributed systems and IoT architecture and technologies

With more than 50 billion IoT devices forecast to be deployed by 2020, many of which will need to work together seamlessly and cooperate effectively, there's a need for scalable architectures. This includes things-centric, data-centric and service-centric architectures and enabling technologies. We're addressing the challenges of the massive interconnection of the future IoT, as well as the complexity of the unprecedented volume of data present in such IoT systems.

Distributed systems and IoT applications and services

There's a great opportunity for modern computing applications to leverage sensor/IoT data to drive decision-making and enable smart behaviour in diverse areas such as critical infrastructures, ecology, agriculture, health, transport, smart cities and homes. We're investigating novel applications and services that demand innovative design and increase socio-economic impact and value.

Distributed systems and IoT security and reliability

As the IoT area grows and drives an increased dependence of both consumers and enterprise-level applications on IoT data and automated systems, issues of security, privacy, ethics and trust arise. In the context of IoT devices and networks, data sharing, analytics and decision-making all become critical, and security solutions need to take into account the severe resource constraints of IoT devices. We're reimagining security, privacy, ethics and trust for complex IoT systems.

Major research projects

  • eShepherd: development of an intelligent power autonomous virtual fencing collar for cattle – Collaboration with Agersens
  • Group activity recognition and analysis: concept, model and service architecture – Collaboration with Data61
  • IoT-based solutions to avoid food wastage – Collaboration with Data61

Research funding

  • A provable privacy-preserving data-sharing solution for the cloud campus
    Research team: Wanlei Zhou, Tianqing Zhu and Gang Li
    Funding: ARC Linkage Projects (LP170100123), Australian Research Council, 2018–2020
  • A large-scale distributed experimental facility for the internet of things
    Research team: Michael Sheng, Athman Bouguettaya, Seng Loke, Xue Li, Weifa Liang, Boualem Benatallah, Muhammad Ali-Babar, Jian Yang, Albert Zomaya, Yan Wang, Wanlei Zhou, Lina Yao, Kerry Taylor and Neil Bergmann
    Funding: ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant (LE180100158), Australian Research Council, 2018

Our staff

Group directors

Professor Seng W. LokeIoT, cooperative intelligent vehicles, drone services and sensor-based systems
Professor Jemal AbawajyDistributed systems and cloud computing

Group members

Dr Sasan Adibi

Health informatics and IoT in health

Dr Jan Carlo Barca

Swarm robotics, swarm intelligence and distributed sensing

Dr Alessio Bonti

Cognitive computing and blockchain

Dr Morshed Chowdhury

IoT security

Dr Robert Dew

Distributed systems, software engineering, programming, database and cloud systems

Dr Shang Gao

Web application development, distributed systems, big data processing, e-learning, cyber security and cloud computing

Dr Michael Hobbs

IoT, distributed systems, and cyber security

Dr Shamsul Huda

Malware analysis, data analytics for cyber security,  IoT and industrial control system security

Dr Chandan Karmakar

Sensing and analytics for health and other applications

Dr Kevin Lee

IoT, Software engineering

Dr Gang Li

Data mining, data privacy and business intelligence

Dr Lei Pan

Cyber security and privacy

Dr Sutharshan Rajasegarar

IoT, sensing analytics, and anomaly detection

Dr Justin Rough

Network communications, software development, distributed systems and cloud computing

Contact us

Professor Seng W. Loke
+61 3 9246 8753
Email Prof. Loke

Professor Jemal Abawajy
+61 3 5227 1376
Email Prof. Abawajy