Human-computer Interaction for Virtual Experiences Research Cluster

The Human-computer Interaction for Virtual Experiences (HIVE) Research Cluster focuses on creating novel design, understanding user behaviour and experience, and conducting evaluation of interactive and collaborative creative technologies.

Major research areas

We focus on the use of virtual and augmented reality, motion capture, games and emerging technologies.

Our research provides user-centered solutions in multidisciplinary domains such as education, health, entertainment and arts.

User experience (UX) design

This research area includes behaviour and interaction design.

  • Understand users' behaviours with emerging technologies through ethnography-driven techniques, including field observations, workshops and interviews.
  • Apply principles of behavioural sciences and design guidelines to create interactive, engaging and effective system designs using emerging technologies in multiple application domains.
  • Create interactive interfaces using virtual and augmented reality and emerging technologies through an understanding of user behaviour, interaction paradigms and principles of human-computer interaction.

User experience (UX) evaluation

This research area includes mixed methods and user testing and analytics.

  • Apply a mixed-methods approach, including qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques, to ascertain the impact and efficiency of system design and implementations.
  • Conduct pilot, formal and informal user testing through capturing and analysing user interaction with computer and machine interfaces.
  • Extract guidelines, usage patterns, performance and behavioural analytics through evaluation.

Creative and emerging technologies

This research area includes immersive and collaborative and connective technologies.

  • Analyse, design, innovate and consult on emerging technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, game design and wearable computing.
  • Design technology platforms that create physical or virtual collaborative environments, connecting multiple users in different locations, and heterogeneous hardware infrastructure with different modes of interactions.

Major research projects

HIVE is a newly created research cluster in the School of Information Technology. We're interested in collaborations with other researchers and industry partners from varied domains. We have experience working in game development, health care, performance arts, public exhibition and education technologies.

Current industry connections and partnerships include:

  • Deakin Motion.Lab
  • Advance Party
  • Australian National Academy of Music.

Our staff


Name Expertise
Professor Kon MouzakisHuman computer interaction
Dr Thuong HoangAugmented reality, interaction design, collaborative environments


Name Expertise
Dr Alex BaldwinGame and interaction design, user experience
Dr Greg BowtellGame design, user experience, creativity
Dr Leonard HoonEvaluation and analytics, prototype design
Dr Guy Wood-BradleyUser experience, user-centred design

Associate members

Contact us

Professor Kon Mouzakis
+61 3 9246 8041
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Dr Thuong Hoang
+61 3 9246 8610
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