Our research

At IPAN, our research focuses on improving the health of all Australians. It covers a broad range of areas including metabolism, physiology, clinical and behavioural studies, and community and population-based research.

Highlights from the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition

Our research

The Institute conducts research across four domains and comprises a number of research groups:

Biology of health and disease

The overarching aim of research in this domain is to characterise and understand the biological mechanisms by which exercise and nutrition impact health. Research in this domain includes healthy and clinical populations across the lifespan – from growth in the womb to ageing.

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Preventing and managing chronic conditions

This domain focuses on the development, implementation, evaluation and translation of lifestyle-based solutions for the prevention and management of chronic conditions. This includes cardiometabolic and musculoskeletal-related conditions, brain, cognitive and mood-related disorders, and cancer.

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Healthy active living

This domain focuses on real-world solutions to increase population levels of physical activity and consists of three research groups:

  • Physical activity and sedentary behaviour from infancy to young adulthood
  • Built and natural environments for physical activity
  • Healthy and active workers.

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Food, nutrition and health

Unhealthy diets are the leading contributor to the global burden of disease. Nutrition concerns at the population level are diverse, resulting from both under and over-nutrition. Evidence-informed interventions and policies are needed to tackle these diverse issues.

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Research highlights at IPAN

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IPAN is a world-leader in terms of its focus across the lifespan from childhood to older adulthood. For us to continue to focus on prevention is important but also on treatment and how we can improve the quality of life



Our current projects

Other key IPAN projects also include:

  • Transform Us!
  • Happy (Healthy Active Pre-School and Primary Years) Study
  • NEighbourhood Activity in Youth Program (NEArbY)
  • SIT Study.

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