Spine and GravityFit Study

The GravityFit whole body exercise device is used to train deep and postural muscles of the body. The manufacturer has engaged Deakin University’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition to conduct research with this exercise approach for justifying its use in astronauts to keep the spine healthy when in space. The research will be conducted by A/Prof. Daniel Belavy.

About the study

Astronauts are typically aged between 33 and 55 when they fly into space and are in top physical condition. We are therefore seeking men and women who are in top physical condition, and free of any health conditions that might affect their spine, hip, shoulder or neck,  including prior conditions in these parts of the body for which treatment was sought, to participate in the project.

Participation in the project involves an MRI. One part of the project focuses on measuring which muscles are active during specific exercises. Another aspect focuses on whether the exercise can prevent the discs in the spine swelling during lying down. Participants who complete each aspect of the project will be given a pre-paid credit card.

You can read more about the project here.

Recruitment for this study is currently on hold

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Spine and GravityFit Study
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