Understanding risk factors for new low back pain in nurses (URBAN) study

About the study

In Australia, one in six people suffer from back pain and an estimated 70-90% will experience this condition during their lives. Approximately 13% of people without a prior history of back pain will develop a new episode in the next 1-2 years.

In nurses, their risk of getting back pain has been shown to be 2-3 times greater. To address this, it is key to identify the risk factors that underlie this.

We are currently seeking nurses (currently employed, recently graduated, seeking employment) aged 18 to 55 years to participate in a 3-year cohort study.

All participants will undergo an evaluation of a range of risk factors for low back pain at the beginning of the study. Additionally, nurses that develop low back pain will complete follow-up assessments. Those who do not develop low back pain may also be asked to act as a matched-control for comparative purposes (and will receive AUD$20). Upon completion of the follow-up, all participants will enter one of four draws (based on enrolment number) for AUD$500.

You can read more about the project here.

If you think you fit the criteria for the project and are interested to participate in this research that will benefit the nursing profession, please register. One of the research team will then be in touch.

Contact us

Associate Professor Daniel Belavy
Email spine@deakin.edu.au