Services and capabilities

Here at IPAN, we dedicate a considerable amount of time and expertise to organisations – government, non-government, professional and community – in order to help them make a positive impact on the future health of Australians.

Sharing the knowledge

By making IPAN experts available to our partners and international networks, we provide other organisations and groups with the evidence and expertise they need to inform programs and policies that affect health. Our research has real-world relevance that addresses the problems directly linked to chronic disease and preventable death.

Our relationship with IPAN is really important to support our messaging, particularly when we’re trying to look at ways in which we can influence policies.

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HEART FOUNDATION, Victorian division

Here are some examples of how we can assist your organisation:

Advocacy agendas

  • Provide latest evidence to inform agendas
  • Provide expert spokespeople for meetings or media activities
  • Provide letters of support
  • Develop evidence-based submissions

Review the evidence relevant to our research areas

  • Literature reviews (including systematic reviews and rapid reviews)
  • Preparation of research summaries
  • Development of evidence briefings

Health program design and evaluation

  • Program design, including interventions
  • Advice on, or development of, evaluation plan or tools
  • Undertake evaluation

Survey design and implementation

  • Assessment of physical activity and sedentary behaviours
  • Assessment of dietary patterns and nutrient intakes
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) measures of the environment – food and physical activity (mapping, audits)
  • Analysis of survey data (e.g. analysis of large scale population health surveys or data set comparisons)

Clinical trials and measures

  • Design and implement clinical trials (nutrients or exercise)
  • Assess body composition
  • Bone density measurement
  • Muscle biopsies

Industry specific work

  • Trial ergonomic products for workplaces and classrooms
  • Test innovative nutrition products


  • Participate in working groups or advisory committees
  • Conduct training workshops
  • Present at key forums, seminars and conferences
  • Consultancy projects
  • Partner in research projects
  • Work with organisations to develop research questions and methods for answering them

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