2019 Larval Biology Symposium

Event cancelled

Cancellation announcement

Dear colleagues,

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I must inform you that the 2019 Larval Biology Symposium cannot go ahead as planned.

Unfortunately we received only 25 abstracts in total by the due date. The economies of scale dictate that we needed similar numbers (at least 100) to previous meetings to prevent costs from becoming prohibitive. In particular, we received very few submissions from non-students and we had planned to cross-subsidise the registration costs of students with slightly higher rates for non-students.

If we had been only a few delegates short, we would have been happy to extend the deadline for submissions in order to reach the necessary threshold. Given that we're well short, I took the decision to let people know as soon as possible that the conference is not quorate and has been cancelled. It would be a terrible shame if people were caught by this news further down the track when they had already booked tickets.

I'm happy to discuss options about future conferences, hosts and venues at a later date. I'm very sorry to those who did submit an abstract, but I'm afraid there's nothing else we can do.


Dustin Marshall