Venture Law Information Service

The Venture Law Information Service provides legal information (but not advice) to start-up ventures and entrepreneurs to help new businesses, not-for-profits, partnerships and other organisations in the early stages of projects

This service provides legal information to start-up ventures in the following areas:

  • entity formation and registration
  • shareholder agreements
  • intellectual property protection
  • contracts
  • regulatory compliance.

We also focus on helping start-ups navigate areas of law that are rapidly changing or are entirely new.

Deakin’s Venture Law Clinic providing legal assistance to start-ups

Operating as a professional law firm, Deakin’s New Venture Law Clinic provides legal assistance to start-ups and entrepreneurs, who may need help navigating areas of law which are rapidly changing, or are entirely new.

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What we do

In recognising that good, up-front legal advice is essential to the success of a start-up – but not always affordable – the legal clinic offers free help. We offer a specialised service with a higher level of case-by-case attention than would be given by a larger law firm. 

Our students develop specialised knowledge in rapidly changing and entirely new areas of law (such as technology and big data). They'll show creativity in determining legal solutions around these areas, and the hours they gain will count towards acceptance into the profession.

As well as start-ups, we also assist firms that require legal assistance at later stages of their development.

Useful resources

Resource Description
Legal Profession ActRegulations governing legal practice in Victoria
Small Business VictoriaGovernment resources for start-ups
The HubCo-working options for start-ups
IP AustraliaInformation about regulations concerning intellectual property, including patents and trademarks
Department of Home AffairsRegulations for establishing overseas-based businesses in Australia
Admission requirements for Deakin programsLearn the admission requirements for Deakin law programs; law clinics may be taken as a unit as part of a Bachelor of Laws or a Master of Laws.

Services we offer

We offer a broad range of services as part of the function of the clinic. Under the supervision of legal specialists, students conduct interviews, manage cases, check facts, develop an understanding of ethics and undertake legal research and analysis to support your case.

Why is it free?

Excellence requires practice, and experiential learning – learning by doing – is an essential part of legal training at Deakin Law School.

Our law clinic offers students the opportunity to build the legal skills that underpin their academic training, so they emerge from study job ready.

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The Venture Law Information Service is available for appointments on a Tuesday and Thursday, and other times by separate arrangement.

To arrange a time to discuss contact the Deakin Law Clinic.