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Deakin Law School considers itself a community of dedicated teachers and scholars.

While pedagogy in its most up-to-date theoretical and technical (audio-visual, cloud-based education) manifestations underpins our teaching, we foster intellectual curiosity and excellence in academic scholarship.

Covering research areas as diverse as international law, natural resource law, health law, commercial law and criminal justice, we share our findings through conferences, workshops and high-quality publications.

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By studying a research degree at Deakin Law School, you can start your path towards a research or academic career. Alternatively, you can use your degree to stand out to employers who value the important skills you gain, which in turn opens up a diverse mix of job opportunities.

We have postgraduate research supervisors available in:

  • constitutional law
  • corporate governance
  • data and the law
  • energy and natural resource
  • torts and the law of medicine
  • intellectual property
  • international law
  • criminal justice
  • transnational law.

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Research projects and centres

Our research discipline strengths

Our research scope is wide, covering:

  • anti-discrimination law
  • comparative law
  • constitutional law
  • corporate governance
  • data and the law
  • energy and natural resource law
  • health law
  • intellectual property
  • international law
  • legal history sentencing and criminal justice
  • transnational commercial law.

Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC)

Deakin Law School and UNSW Law collaborate in the Law and Policy Program of the national Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC).

It combines researchers and industry, as well as additional contributions, to provide Big Data capability resulting in a safer and more secure nation and a sustainable Big Data workforce for Australia.

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Grants awarded

2016 grants

The Legal and Ethical Dimensions of the Web of Data. Regulatory Tools, Rights and the Rule of Law

Professor Pompeu Casanovas (DLS professorial fellow) and Professor Antoni Roig Batalla of the Institute of Law and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (IDT-UAB). Grant amount: $80,000 AUD (55,000 €) as well as a funded PhD from the Spanish government.

Project description: This project is a further result of the collaborative agreement between IDT-UAB and the DLS. The grant will enable a large working group-based project, including one group on security, ethics, governance, comprising Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo (Oxford), Professor Louis de Koker (DLS), Professor Danuta Mendelson (DLS), Professor Pompeu Casanovas (IDT-UAB/DLS) and Associate Professor Yaiza Cabedo Figueredo (IDT-UAB).

Identity Proofing

Gabrielle Wolf, Bridget Bainbridge. Grant amount: $200,000, from Data to Decision CRC.

Project description: Legal implications of new techniques of identity proofing (Professor Louis de Koker (project lead), in collaboration with the Office of the Victorian Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection).

Guiding Principles in the Design, Regulation, Implementation, Governance and Oversight of Data-Based Decision-support Technologies for Law Enforcement and National Security

Louis de Koker, Danuta Mendelson, Pompeu Casanovas. Grant amount: $57,000, from Data to Decision CRC. 

Project description: Identifying principles to inform the design, regulation, implementation, governance and oversight of data-based decision-support technologies for law enforcement and national security (Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW) (project lead) and with Professor Janet Chan (UNSW), Dr Alana Maurushat (UNSW) and Mr David Vaile (UNSW).

Mobile Financial Services: Regulatory responses in Australia, Kenya and South Africa 

Mobile Financial Services: Regulatory responses in Australia, Kenya and South Africa 
Louis De Koker (supervisor); Edwin Tongoi (PhD student). Grant amount: $45,000, from Data to Decision CRC. 

Project description: This doctoral project investigates regulatory frameworks for mobile financial services in Australia, Kenya and South Africa.

Qualitative – End User Evaluation

Qualitative – End User Evaluation
Louis De Koker (with Rens Scheepers et al). Grant amount: $80,000, from Data to Decision CRC. 

Project description: The project focuses on user analysts’ perceptions of the efficiency and utility of current and planned information systems used by State and Federal police and associated government agencies (joining Professor Ingrid Nielsen and Dr Chad Whelan with Professor Rens Scheepers as project lead).

Building an Intellectual Property System: The Indonesian Experience

Christoph Antons. Grant amount: $144,178, from ARC - Discovery Projects.

Project description: Economic theory suggests pathways to innovation and ‘tipping points’ in intellectual property (IP) development based on the experiences of a few technology trailblazing economies. This project will show the introduction and operation of IP in Indonesia over the last thirty years as a typical example for middle income developing countries and newcomers to the IP system. It will analyse court decisions, implementing laws and the institutions supporting IP. It will show the bargaining processes about the future of the system between the government and foreign investors as well as citizens and between different institutions, thereby providing valuable information to businesses and government agencies.

The project aims at providing lessons for innovation theory and for other developing countries and sound knowledge for aid agencies, government sponsored training programs and other forms of institutional support. It will also help clarifying Australia’s position during regional and bilateral Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

Indo-Australian Cooperation in Enhancing Judicial practices and the Legal Profession

Dakshina Chandra. Grant amount: $40,300, from Australia-India Council Research Grant.

Project description: The project will enable knowledge-sharing between the Indian legal profession, judiciary, and officials and their Australian  counterparts to: 1. showcase innovations by Australian courts, and help India to design solutions based on Australian models; and 2. liberalise the legal profession.

Older grants

2010–2015 grants

Total Grant Title Source Staff Member
EUR 250,000 Internationalisation of corporate governance model German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Jean du Plessis
$300,000 Intangible cultural heritage across borders: laws, structures and strategies in China and its Association of Southeast Asian Nations neighbours ARC Discovery Christoph Antons
$178,000 Centre for Rural and Regional Law and Justice to fund part-time Learning and Development Coordinator Legal Services Board Richard Coverdale
$150,000 IP in Asia – project is part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation ARC Discovery Christoph Antons
$47,721 Addressing the structural and ethical challenge of conflict of interest in rural and regional legal practice Vic Law Foundation Grant Richard Coverdale
$8,712 Review of Barriers to Open Data and Related Re−Use of Information in Five Exemplar Data Sets (2014) Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre Louis de Koker
$217,500 Comparative International Perspectives on Strategy, Policy and Law (Australia) (2014–2016) Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre Louis de Koker; Danuta Mendelson
$8,299 Research Support: National organised crime response plan (2009) AUSTRAC Louis de Koker
$44,083 Integrity in mobile phone financial services (2010–2011) World Bank Louis de Koker
$18,199 Money laundering and terrorist financing risk and vulnerability methodology (2010–2011) World Bank Louis de Koker
$36,106 Family Violence and the Regional Magistrates' Court Alfred Felton Trust Dr Lucinda Jordan
$22,727 Improving access to justice for women and children survivors of family violence in the Geelong region Geelong Community Foundation Dr Lucinda Jordan
$4,545 Bringing justice to isolated suburbs – finding a solution! Wyndham Legal Service James Farrell
$4,000 Scoping access to justice issues in the Magistrate's Court in rural and regional Australia Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA) Dr Lucinda Jordan
$3,000 Rethinking Law Curriculum Australian Learning and Teaching Council Richard Coverdale
$58,201 Scoping a Victorian Centre for Rural and Regional law and justice – seeding grant Vic Law Foundation Grant Richard Coverdale
$46,143 Provision of legal services to small business in rural and regional Victoria LSB-Grants Program Prof Anne Rees, Prof Jean Du Plessis, Dr Lucinda Jordan and Richard Coverdale
$13,726Over-compliance: Towards an Understanding of Compliance Responses of Financial Institutions in South AfricaCenfri Grant - Research - The Centre for Financial Regulation & InclusionLouis De Koker
$220,000Building Distributed Leadership in Designing and Implementing a Quality Management Framework for Online Learning EnvironmentsALTC Grant - Research - Australian Learning and Teaching CouncilDale Holt
$86,805Doping and Australian Professional Cycling; Attitudes Issues and a Pathway to a New ApproachDHA Grant - Anti-doping Research Program - Department of Health and AgeingMartin Hardie
$36,470Postcode Justice - Rural Disadvantage and the LawVIC Law Foundation Grant - ResearchRichard Coverdale
$1,593Sacred Rules Secular Revelations: the Conceptions of Rights in pre-Modern EuropeARC - Discovery ProjectsJason Taliadoros
$9,749Humanising Animals - Civilising PeopleVoicelessMirko Bagaric
$10,000FATF 2012: Impact of Revised Standards on Corporate Compliance Practices in Nigeria and GhanaDownton HillLouis De Koker
$206,000Realising the Potential: Assessing Professional Learning through the Integration of ePortfolios in Australian Business EducationOLT Seed Projects - Office for Learning and TeachingDale Holt
$29,253Delivering Law to Regional Victoria - E Learning SolutionsTelematics Course Development Fund Trust Grant - ResearchDale Holt, Richard Coverdale
$17,000Court Network Self-represented LitigantsCourt Network IncIan Parsons
$46,428Building Advocacy Justice Alliances for offenders with mental impairment in Victoria s Barwon South West RegionHelen Macpherson Smith Trust Grant - ResearchIan Parsons, Richard Coverdale
$6,690Performance Audit Planning VAGOVictorian Auditor General's OfficeLouis De Koker
$12,272Draft Audit Performance Report Unconventional GasVictorian Auditor General's OfficeVictorian Auditor General's Office
$65,000Social Cohesion, Marginalisation and Violent Extremism in Regional and Rural Victoria: A dual Case StudyDepartment of Premier and Cabinet - Social Cohesion Research Grants ProgramMirko Bagaric, Ian Parsons, Richard Coverdale

2019 Research reports

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2013 Research Report No 24 (DOCX, 96.1KB)
2013 Research Report No 23 (DOCX, 154KB)
2013 Research Report No 22 (DOCX, 73.2KB)
2013 Research Report No 21 (DOCX, 77.8KB)
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2013 Research Report No 19 (DOCX, 73.7KB)
2013 Research Report No 17 (DOCX, 69.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 16 (DOCX, 72.4KB)
2013 Research Report No 15 (DOCX, 153.2KB)
2013 Research Report No 14 (DOCX, 26.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 13 (DOCX, 39.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 12 (DOCX, 39.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 11 (DOCX, 124.4KB)
2013 Research Report No 10 (DOCX, 55.3KB)
2013 Research Report No 9 (DOCX, 37KB)
2013 Research Report No 8 (DOCX, 26.7KB)
2013 Research Report No 7 (DOCX, 27.8KB)
2013 Research Report No 6 (DOCX, 25.3KB)
2013 Research Report No 5 (DOCX, 21.1KB)
2013 Research Report No 4 (DOCX, 28.1KB)
2013 Research Report No 3 (DOCX, 32.4KB)
2013 Research Report No 2 (DOCX, 38.5KB)
2013 Research Report No 1 (DOCX, 28.9KB)


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