Curriculum Resource Collection (CRC) Guidelines

The CRC collection provides resources to support the University's courses in Education and Children's Literature. Selection of this material is based on its relevance to the teaching programs of the University. The major focus of the collection is on current, relevant, quality resources that support a range of teaching approaches, activities, methods and practicums.

The collection supports primary education programs and early childhood education at all three campuses, and secondary education primarily at Melbourne and to a limited extent at Geelong. The collection also supports Children's Literature studies within the Faculty of Arts and Education at all three campuses.

Material types

Fiction (including picture books)

The fiction resources aim to support the teaching and learning of children's literature and to support education curriculum studies and teaching methodology units. The collection includes:

  • A particular focus on picture books and literature for the middle years
  • Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year shortlisted titles
  • a representative collection of the best contemporary Australian children's literature
  • a small collection of children's classics (Australian and International) i.e. titles of continuing interest and importance because their influence has been noted in the field or they mark a change in socio-cultural attitude or style of publishing
  • a small number of International fiction and picture book titles selected for their particular interest or relevance
  • specific titles included on unit reading lists


The collection aims to provide a small, relevant collection of contemporary, up to date and accurate resources to support curriculum studies and teaching methodology units within the School of Education. The collection includes:

  • the CBCA shortlisted titles for the Eve Pownall Award for information books
  • a limited collection of current non fiction on relevant themes suitable for use in lesson planning or preparation
  • a small number of children's periodicals to support curriculum studies

Teaching Resource materials

The collection aims to provide a small and targeted collection of up to date resources to support education curriculum studies, teaching methodology units and school practicums. The collection includes:

  • a small, current selection of current primary and secondary teaching methodology material
  • a small and representative selection of sets of class readers which cover a range of early literacy levels and strategies for the support of language development
  • A small selection of Victorian VCE curriculum support material, Department of Education, and Early Childhood Development, Victoria, material to meet specific and targeted needs
  • a small selection of practical teaching resources eg. masters, classroom exercises, activities etc

Non book materials

The collection aims to provide a very small and targeted collection of contemporary teaching aides on relevant themes including:

  • a small and targeted selection of contemporary posters on relevant themes of use in classroom practice
  • a small selection of targeted contemporary teaching aids including kits, realia, big books etc
  • a small selection of relevant and contemporary audiovisual material eg. DVDs, CDs
  • a selection of relevant multimedia resources


CRC collections are located in the libraries at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, Melbourne Burwood Campus and the Warnambool campuses.

You can request and borrow most CRC resources from any campus, but large or fragile items may need to be borrowed in person. We will contact you if this is the case.


Some core materials and reading list materials are duplicated across the three campuses. Duplication of representative selections of resources is avoided in order to develop greater depth to the collection. CBCA shortlisted titles are acquired via an approval plan and are duplicated across all collections.


  • Academic works on teaching theory, methodology, pedagogy or research are located in the main collection
  • Academic works related to Children's Literature are located in the main book collection
  • Class sets of material are not normally acquired but small sets (up to 5 copies) may be acquired on request to facilitate classroom small group work
  • Software/computing/audiovisual materials with licensing restrictions that prohibit their use by the Library

Collection Management

  • Hardback editions of fiction and picture books are preferred
  • Dust jackets are retained on all fiction and picture books unless the original cover provides identical illustrations or content
  • A regular weeding or de-selection plan is followed to ensure the currency and relevance of the collection
  • Fiction and non fiction titles older than 10 years to be reviewed regularly for relevance

Related collections

The following related collections are held in the Library's Special Collections: