Disposal of library materials

Items deselected from the collection are usually out of date, superseded or damaged and therefore no longer of use to the University - see deselection (weeding) guidelines. Access to a copy of any deselected item is still normally available to staff and students of the University through the CARM storage facility or via interlibrary loan.

Items that have been deselected will be disposed of according to the following guidelines:

  • The Library does not offer discarded items for sale as they are normally superseded or out of date and have minimal commercial value.
  • Any request for the Library to donate discarded materials to charity organisations supporting less developed countries needs very careful consideration. Factors to consider include the out of date nature of most discards, the specific requirements and criteria of the intended recipient (normally for current and relevant content) and the expense of sorting and transporting print materials. Any requests by charities should be referred to the Collection Advisory Group for consideration.
  • Items with minimal commercial value and no other uses will be disposed of according to the University's usual disposal practices. Disposal of items will be undertaken as efficiently and cost effectively as possible
  • Requests by individuals for items flagged for disposal will be considered on a case by case basis. A written request stating the specific reasons can be submitted for consideration by the Collection Manager. If the reason for retention relates to the teaching, learning or research activities of the University, then the material should be retained in the Library or more current materials acquired to replace any superseded items.