Collection guidelines - theses

Deakin University Doctoral and Masters Research theses are submitted to Deakin Research who are responsible for the submission process and for ensuring the thesis agreement form is completed. Deakin Research upload an electronic copy of all completed PhD and Masters by Research theses in batches into Deakin Research Online (DRO) where the full version of the theses are available. No print copies of theses are now required. Occasionally a thesis will not be made available electronically or be embargoed for a substantial time period (over 2 years) in which case a CDROM copy is added to the Library collection.


  • Deakin Research upload copies of completed theses onto DRO including basic metadata and a copy of the thesis agreement form.
  • The thesis metadata in DRO is checked for completeness and accuracy by the Library Metadata Team.
  • A physical CD copy of a thesis is added to the collection if the digital version is never going to be available electronically or is embargoed for a substantial time period (over 2 years)
  • An archival electronic copy is added to TRIM by the DRO team. Deakin Archives are responsible for the archival copies once added to TRIM.


Further information about theses is available on the Library Theses webpage.