Description of 2014 Library Client Survey infographic

Outcomes of the 2014 Library Client Survey

This survey is run every 2 years. It helps us to listen to your needs and improve our services.

We are happy that you value:

  • your library and find staff approachable, helpful and fair
  • that you can access most library resources anytime, anywhere
  • the improved access to wireless and technology in the library
  • the prompt delivery of books and articles from other libraries
  • self-service, but appreciate a friendly face when you need one
  • the wide range and depth of online resources provided
But we know you want more… So we have improved by …
computers when you need one investigating a booking system to help you plan
quiet places to study creating more quiet nooks  and providing extended access after hours
 places for group work Providing extra flexible desks and group friendly furniture
improvements to library search and website Prioritising your needs (user focus) to improve search and discovery
places to connect your laptop adding more USB PowerPoints to charge your devices
online resources Acquiring over 3000 additional e-books, 2000 e-journals and 16,000 e-videos in trimester 1 this year.
Support for your learning and research
  • Enhancing help pages for  online resources
  • Answering your question 24x7 via Watson
  • Creating new videos to help you develop your research skills
Communication on new and useful resources and services Keeping you better informed about the latest Library news through the Library website, Deakin Sync and social media

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