Research Data Collections

Deakin University defines research data collections in the Research Conduct Policy as including, but not limited to, physical samples, photographs, written or audio-visual recordings, artwork, questionnaires or other instruments, fieldwork notes, and other items which are the sources of data or constitute data in a research project.

You can describe research datasets and data collections in DRO via the Deakin Research Footprints, dataset submission tool.  When submitted via this tool, DRO staff will perform a quality review on the metadata, check NLA identifier and assign a DOI (digital object identifier) to the record.  This will ensure discoverability of data when it is published through DRO to Research Data Australia (RDA).  Check the Deakin University collection on RDA.

When sharing research data, upload the file or provide a link in the Footprints dataset description tool and set your access permissions.

Further information on managing research data for the full research project life cycle is available at Managing Research Data.