Books and e-books

Deakin Library provides access to over a million books – both in print and e-book format. With so many books available to you, what is the best way to find the ones you need?

Deakin staff and students can borrow print books from any of our campus libraries. Use Library Search or the Catalogue to search through our print collection.

Once you’ve found an available book you’d like, you can either place a request or retrieve it from the shelves. If a book is on loan or at another campus, use ‘request it’ to arrange access. More detailed information is available on the borrowing page.

Finding a book on the shelf

All of our physical items are arranged on the shelves by call number.

Drag the bar below to learn how to decipher a call number.

Check out print books

Once you have the books you want you can check them out using your student card at the library service desk, the self-check machines or the Deakin Borrow app.

You can also use the Deakin Borrow app to manage or renew your loans and view the status of your requests.

Download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "Deakin Borrow".

All about e-books

Deakin Library provides access to almost a million e-books, and this is always growing.

You can find and access e-books via Library Search or through one of our specialised e-book databases.

Using e-book basics

We provide access to many e-book databases and the functionality between them varies.

  • Information on printing limits can be found within an individual e-book
  • Some e-books can be downloaded and read offline
  • Creating a loan for an e-book does not count against your borrowing. The item will not appear in 'My account'
  • Visit the A-Z e-book database list to view license information and database help for each individual collection.

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Many collections require Adobe Digital Editions to download an e-book. ADE is a separate application from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and has been designed specifically for reading e-books.

Note: ADE cannot be downloaded onto Deakin-owned computers.

Get started with Adobe Digital Editions

  • Create and activate an Adobe ID.
  • You must also 'authorise' your Adobe ID on your device.

Visit the Adobe Digital Editions FAQ for other tips and instructions. For system requirements visit ADE Tech Specs.

Didn't find the title you wanted?

Can’t find it through Deakin Library? The library will try to buy or find the item you want. Make a request, and we’ll let you know if we can source the item.

Request an item >

As a Deakin student or staff member you may be able to borrow from other libraries. To find out more visit the Borrow from other libraries page.

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