Connect to library resources

When you search for e-books or journal articles using a search engine such as Google, you may be asked to subscribe, login and/or pay a fee to access the full text content.

If it is one of the many online resources Deakin Library subscribes to, use the "Access via Deakin Library" bookmarklet below to reload the link via Deakin's proxy server to access the article for free.

Add the bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar

Drag and drop the the "Access via Deakin Library" button below to your browser's bookmark bar.

Access via Deakin Library

When you come across a resource from Google that prompts for a subscription or payment, click on the link in the toolbar and the page will refresh. If Deakin has an active subscription, you will be prompted to login using your Deakin username and password. You should then be able to access the full text.

Add the bookmarklet manually

You can also add the bookmarklet manually by using the "Add New Bookmark" feature on your preferred browser. In the location or url field add the following:


and in the Name field, add the text  "Access via Deakin Library".