View an e-book

  1. To open an e-book from a search result, click the provider name (e.g. Proquest Ebook Central or Ebscohost eBook Academic Collection).
  2. Enter your Deakin Username and Password if prompted. If the book doesn't open on screen select "view online version".
  3. Some e-books allow you to print, copy or download. This varies between providers. See below for more information.

E-book collections

The basics

We provide access to a number of different e-book collections. Choose from the specific e-book collections (such as EBSCOhost, Springer, etc.) for more details. Each one has a slightly different design to access, download and print an e-book.

E-book file types

The most common files types for e-books are PDF and ePUB (electronic publication). ePUB adapts to your mobile device screen size.

Having trouble opening PDFs in your browser? Visit Acrobat Help for instructions.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Some of our e-books are protected by DRM systems. DRM controls the use of digital content and determines access restrictions and availability.


Some e-book providers have their own, or recommended apps. They can allow you to access and read e-books from your mobile device.

Deakin College, Alumni and community borrowers

All our e-book collections are accessible for Deakin staff and students. To find out what Deakin College, Alumni and community borrowers can access, visit:

Licence and access information

To check user access for an e-book collection, select the 'Licence and access information' link at A-Z databases.

Contact us for e-book help

Adobe Digital Editions

Many collections require Adobe Digital Editions to download an e-book. ADE is a separate application from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and has been designed specifically for reading e-books.

You can transfer protected books between multiple computers and mobile devices. Simply authorize each of your machines with your Adobe ID.

Note: ADE cannot be downloaded onto Deakin computers.

Get started

You can print from ADE . Refer to the page number inside the brackets for print selection.

Visit the Adobe Digital Editions FAQ for other tips and instructions.

For system requirements visit ADE Tech Specs. If you need help to upgrade your Mac OS to use this software, please contact eSolutions.