Frequently asked questions


What is my Library ID number?

It is listed under the barcode of your Deakin Card (for staff and students) or Membership Card (for other Library members), and starts with x011. You can also locate your Library ID number by logging into My account. Your ID number is displayed in the left hand column.

How many items can I borrow?

This depends on your type of membership. Find out what you can borrow from our libraries.

Is there a cost to borrow items?

No. There is no cost for you to borrow items from us.

If you don't return an item, you may incur a fee. For more details on overdue and lost items, visit resolve problems or contact us.

Why can't I renew this book?

  • Another borrower may have placed a hold on the item. Refer to the 'Status' column in My account for more details.
  • You may have a blocked account.
  • It may be too early to renew.

Online access

How do I access e-books?

Follow our simple guide to view e-books.

Why can't I login or access any databases?

  • You were trying to access a database not included in your membership.
  • You have an encumbrance or blocked account.
  • You are not currently enrolled, or are intermitted.
  • You typed your Deakin username and password incorrectly.

What does 'Unable to identify you through campus identification' mean?

There's a problem with your Deakin username and/or password.

Why can't I access the Library with my Deakin College details?

You need to use your Deakin username and password (letters only, e.g. chapwe), not your Deakin College username and password.

Finding items

How do I find articles and books?

Follow our step by step instructions to find relevant articles and books, and find items on the shelf.

How do I choose which search option to use?

Our helpful handout explains how to easily find specific resources, including unit material, databases, journals and more.

What is the 'Hold Shelf'?

The shelf where your requested/hold books are stacked. They will be held there for 5 days, ready for you to pickup and checkout.

The Hold Shelves are near the Service Desk at each campus. If you have trouble finding them, just ask library staff.

How do I find the prescribed text for my unit?

Follow our guide to find unit material.

Only getting an abstract? Use FIND IT @ DEAKIN

Many article results link directly to the PDF or full text of the article. Are your search results only allowing access to an abstract? Select the FIND IT @ DEAKIN button from your results for other options to get the full text version.

Find It at Deakin logo

What does 'LIB USE ONLY' mean?

The item cannot be taken out of the Library.

Can I get a book from another campus?

Yes, use our Request it service.

Cloud students

Can I get books posted to me?

Yes, Cloud students are eligible for our delivery service.

Why haven't I received my book?

Login to My account to see if the item is checked out to you.

  • If it is, you can track when your book was sent by counting back from the due date:
    • For 7 day loans, subtract 15 days
    • For general loans, subtract 42 days
  • We allow 4 business days for delivery within Australia, and 15 business days for overseas delivery. Before contacting us, please check your parcel status with your local post office.
  • If the item is not checked out to you, it may still be on loan to another student. We will send it to you as soon as the item is returned.

Services and facilities

Can I take a library tour ?

Yes, check your campus library for more details.

Do you run workshops?

Yes. We schedule workshops for specific units and faculties as part of campus learning.

We also offer a range of workshops as part of the Deakin University HDR training program.

How do I book a group study room?

Online through Book a study room. Rooms can be booked up to a week in advance.

Lost and found items

We keep lost property for up to a week. then Deakin Central mind the items for up to 6 months.

If you find or lose an item, let us know. Either speak to staff at the Service Desk or contact us.

You need to bring proof of your identity to reclaim a valuable item.

How do I print, scan or photocopy in the Library?

Use your Deakin Student Card. Find out how to add credit on your card at Deakin Card essentials.

Visit print@Deakin to find out print and photocopy costs.

Can I use the Library after I graduate?

Yes, just join the Deakin Alumni Community first. Then you can sign up for a free Alumni membership.

Document supply service

Can I use the document supply service?

Yes, if you're a Deakin staff member or student and can't find the article you need, submit a request.

Do I have to pay for articles I request?

No, not if you're accessing them via the Library. If you're prompted to pay for an article, contact library staff to ask for assistance in obtaining it.


If your question has not been answered here, contact us.