"School Day Memories" Student Workbooks from the 1930s

This online exhibition displays a sample of the numerous students' class workbooks held in the Australian Schools Textbook Collection, Special Collections, Deakin University Library. This small sample shows the many cover designs available to primary and secondary school students in the 1930s.

Further donations of students' workbooks are always welcome.

Australian air routes exercise book, 1937Invicta Empire Exercise book, 1937
Australian Air Routes Exercise Book, 1937 Invicta Empire Exercise [book], 1937
Coronation exercise book, 1937Royal exercise book, 1936
Coronation Exercise Book, 1937 The Royal Exercise Book, 1936
The Australian science exercise book, c.1930sArithmetic tables (back) - The Australian science exercise book, c.1930s
Australian Science Exercise Book, c.1930s (front) Australian Science Exercise Book, c.1930s. Arithmetic Tables (back)
Whitcombe's science work-book, c.1930sThe Australian exercise book, 1938
Whitcombe's Science Work-Book, c.1930s The Australian Exercise Book, 1938

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