Unit resources checklist

Use this checklist to make sure the resources in your site are ready.

  1. Do you have resources you want students to read as part of your unit? (i.e. reference texts, prescribed and recommended texts, weekly readings)
    • If no, could your unit benefit from having resources?
    • If yes, go to the next question.
  2. Do you have a Talis Reading List set up for your unit?
    • If no, check the Reading List Guide to learn how to set one up or contact your librarian for help.
    • If yes, go to the next question.
    • If you’re not sure, search through Talis for your unit code to check.
  3. Is your Talis Reading List linked and visible in your unit site (not on draft mode)?
  4. Do you have PDFs of resources uploaded in your unit site that are not Deakin copyrighted materials? For example, journal articles, scanned book chapters, reports downloaded from the internet, news articles etc.
    • If yes, these need to be removed and links to the resources either directly in the unit site or via a Talis Reading List will need to be added. Contact your librarian for help.
    • If no, go to the next question.
  5. Based on your evaluation, do you need to update your resources? (To more recent ones, to better quality peer reviewed articles, for more variety of resource types etc.)
    • If yes, search for relevant resources in the Library or contact your librarian for help.
    • If no, go to the next question.
  6. Have the readings been contextualised into the unit content? Are students asked to engage with the readings using activities?
    • If no, try to link the readings in with weekly content or activities.
    • If yes, great! You’re good to go.

Prescribed and recommended texts

Please advise your Liaison Librarian if there are new editions or titles for your unit.

We always try to purchase an e-book version if possible. Some publishers and platforms (such as Kindle) do not license e-books for university-wide access.

If we can’t get an e-book or streaming video, and you don't want to rely on one text, your options are:

  • Check the Library catalogue for other relevant e-books or streaming videos to use as alternative readings, or to break up the reliance on one sole text for the entire trimester’s readings.
  • Consider Open Education Resources. They are free, and allow you to modify the content based on a variety of Creative Commons licences to create a customised text without using a textbook publisher. For assistance identifying resources to supplement or replace print-only texts, please contact your librarian.

Need help?

The copyright checklist has further information about copyright implications associated with readings.

If you have any questions about this checklist or the readings in your unit, contact your librarian.

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