Borrow from other libraries

Who you can borrow from

Depending on your membership type, you may be able to borrow from other libraries or we may be able to obtain items from them on your behalf.

Deakin University Library membership typeCAVALULANZ Interlibrary loan
Campus students and staff (including DeakinCo staff) Yes Yes Yes
Online students* - residing in Australia Yes Yes Yes
Deakin College students No No No
DUELI students No No No
Non-award students No No No
Community, secondary school student and overseas members. Deakin alumni, and Open Universities Australia (OUA) No No No

*Deakin students living overseas may be able to borrow from international libraries.


The CAVAL Reciprocal Borrowing Program allows our staff and students (including DeakinCo) to borrow in person from participating Victorian academic libraries.

Visit individual library websites to check their borrowing terms and find out what you can access.

To obtain or renew your CAVAL card,

  • take your Deakin Card, photo ID and proof of your Australian address to the service desk of a participating library.

Your CAVAL membership will expire on 28 February, although you can re-register.

If you have unpaid fines with another institution your ability to borrow may be blocked with them, and with us.


ULANZ membership allows our staff and students (including DeakinCo) to borrow from participating academic libraries in person.

Visit individual library websites to check their borrowing terms and find out what you can access.

To join, go directly to the library you would like to borrow from. Take proof of your current enrolment/employment at Deakin University, such as your Deakin card or letter of enrolment.


The National Library of Australia's (NLA's) Trove contains over 100 million online resources relating to Australia, including newspapers, images, articles and other documents. You are able to search this site to find information, including books that you may be able to borrow from a library near you.

International libraries

If you are living overseas, you may be able to borrow from a library near you.

Visit individual library websites to check their borrowing terms and find out what and how you can obtain access.

We are able to supply you with a letter of introduction for any library you are wanting to join, if they request one from you.

It is up to the international library to decide if they can grant you access.

Not held in our collection: interlibrary loan service

Deakin staff and students can request us to obtain items such as books, book chapters, articles and other documents that we don't have in our collection.

Articles, book chapters and other documents we don't have in our collection

After submitting a copyright compliant request for an article, book chapters and other documents, we will try to find another library or supplier around the world who can supply it. Once we have received the item it will be emailed to you.

Request an article/document >

Books, theses, standards, patents we don't have in our collection

Maybe we can purchase the book?

  • If we are able to, we will try to purchase the book and add it to our collection so that it is more convenient for you to use.
  • Submit a request for a purchase and we will try to find a supplier from around the world. Please note we are an e-preferred library, so we will look for an electronic copy unless you mention that a hardcopy is required.
  • If we are unable to find a supplier we will contact you to check if you would like us to try to borrow it from another library on your behalf.

Request a book for purchase >

Borrow from another library/supplier for you?

  • After submitting a request for a book or other item, we will try to borrow the item from another library/supplier around the world. If you are eligible, we will then mail the item to you once we have received it; otherwise it is expected that you will pick the item up from your campus library.
  • Most university libraries do not loan their theses out, but we will still ask if they will.If a copy has to be made, it may take 6-8 weeks depending on the thesis format. Once you receive the copy, it is yours to keep.
  • We will contact you if we are unable to borrow the book, as we may be able to purchase a copy.

Request a book for loan >

There is no fee or limit to the number of items you can request, but only items used for teaching or research purposes will be requested.

We aim to obtain items within a couple of days, but this will depend on the availability and location of the item you are requesting.

When you submit a request you're making a legal declaration to abide by the conditions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth).

Contact Interlibrary loan staff

9 am-5 pm (EST) Monday-Friday
+61 3 5227 1203
+61 3 5227 2000