Campus Compass

Need to get from class to the cafe and then a seminar, all in five minutes? Campus Compass is a handy wayfinding app designed to help students, staff and visitors locate rooms and services. It lets you navigate Deakin's campuses with ease.

Know where to go

Finding your way around campus can be daunting. With Deakin's Campus Compass, you can easily locate any room on campus and get route directions to help you navigate Deakin. 

Launched in 2016, Campus Compass offers directions to every location on each of our campuses. You can locate essential facilities and services, search for your classroom or meeting room and find somewhere to eat. 

It also provides driving and public transport directions to get you to a campus if you're off site.

Get around Deakin with ease

Search and find

Don't have a clue where E2.16 is? Need to find your nearest cafe, library or lecture theatre? Simple! Just search and Campus Compass will point you in the right direction.

Your bird's eye view of Campus

Get your bearings quickly when Deakin buildings and facilities come to life in isometric 3D.

Know where you are with GPS

GPS positioning means you'll always be on the right track. You can also save locations for quick access later on.

Directions to campus from anywhere!

No matter where you are, Campus Compass can give you car or public transport directions to any Deakin campus.

Won't be lost at Deakin ever again. Great to see all the offices within the four campuses covered. Love the search facility and the 3D Maps.

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Campus Compass is available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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