Deakin Card

Imagine if just one card could do everything. Pay for things, check out library books, and subscribe to memberships.

No need to imagine – you'll get one when you start at Deakin as a student or member of staff.

All cards in one

Cash card
Pay for copying, printing, buying food and your fees. Your family can even put money on it if you ask really nicely.

ID card 
When you take exams you’ll need your Deakin Card to prove your identity (it has your photo on it).

Access card 
Get into computer labs and certain buildings after hours with your Deakin Card.

Library card
Borrow books and other resources in person or online.

How to get your Deakin Card

Order online

If you're a Cloud Campus student or would like to get your card before your first day on campus, you can complete an online request form. Your Deakin Card can only be created once you have enrolled.

Visit Deakin's student site to complete the online request form

On campus

Simply go to Student Central with your Deakin ID and a form of photo ID and have your photo taken. Your Deakin Card will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Find out more about Student Central as well as their contact details

Top up a Deakin Card

You can add money to a Deakin Card on campus and online.

Topping up is easy. There are no fees and the money will be available to use instantly. To top up someone else's card, you just need their card number and date of birth. How generous of you!

Top up a Deakin Card

Pick up a Visitor Card

If you're not a student or member of staff but visit our campuses often, you might like to get a Visitor Card. 

A Visitor Card can be obtained from the front desk at the library on each campus. The cards are free but you need to top them up before you can use them. 

Use your card for:

  • photocopying
  • buying snacks or meals at cafes and restaurants on campus
  • vending machine purchases on campus (at some machines)
  • bookstore, merchandise and general retail purchases on campus.

Contact us

General enquiries
1800 450 503
+61 3 5227 2277
Email the Deakin Card team