Global Citizenship Program

If you travel overseas or undertake study or work with an international focus while you’re studying at Deakin, our Global Citizenship Program (GCP) is for you.

The GCP is designed to help students identify and value the skills gained from international engagement. This enhances employability, career prospects and personal growth.  Participation in the GCP can also lead to receiving a Global Citizenship Award, which can be a significant addition to your résumé. Join today, it's free!

Get more than just a degree

The Global Citizenship Program involves undertaking internationally focused activities and overseas study opportunities during your degree. Each activity or study opportunity you undertake will earn you points. Achieving 100 points will make you eligible for a Global Citizenship Award.

Global Citizenship Program activities include:

  • international study experiences
  • participation in internationally-focused units
  • seminars on international topics
  • international internships
  • international-centred volunteering
  • foreign language studies
  • peer mentoring
  • professional development programs.

Nothing quite prepares you for the impact a volunteering program like this has on your life.



Experience that your employers will love

An overseas experience is an investment in your future. Increasingly, employers say that candidates who present with international experience are highly attractive. 

An international study experience shows an individual is independent, resilient, has initiative, and is adaptable to changing environments – all attributes employers want.

Undertaking international study is not just about experiencing the culture and excitement of a new place, but is now increasingly important in positioning graduates for future success.


What is a global citizen?

Deakin’s Global Citizenship Program is more than a chance to give your CV a competitive edge – it’s a chance to grow as a person and expand your world. Recipients of the Global Citizenship Award are people who:

  • understand the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental relationships that exist between people and countries
  • appreciate diversity and value different perspectives
  • understand intercultural communication
  • demonstrate critical thinking about global issues and challenges
  • engage in local and global communities.

Studying overseas forced me to step outside my comfort zone. It helped me to grow as a person, and gain confidence. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. I think everyone should take a semester abroad. I'll never forget the great times I had.



Earning points towards your Global Citizenship Award

To apply for the Global Citizenship Award, you must earn a total of at least 100 points. The activities must be completed in the time of your Deakin degree. 

In addition, you may prepare reflective pieces of writing on many of the activities you've participated in, and explore how they have contributed to your development as a global citizen.


Volunteering Points
Long-term global volunteering (4 months plus) 60
Global volunteering (over 4 weeks) 40
Volunteering (GCP with fundraising component) 40
Global volunteering (up to 4 weeks & no fundraising) 20
Deakin Abroad Peer Adviser Program (per trimester - maximum 2) 20
Volunteering (domestic with international focus - minimum 10 hours) 10
DUELI Leadership and Internship Program 10
CONNECT Program 10
Participation in the Deakin Abroad Buddy Program (1 trimester) 5


Internship Points
Long-term global internship (4 months plus) 60
Global internships (over 4 weeks) 40
Global internships (up to 4 weeks) 30
Australian internships (international students only) 20
Internship (domestic with international focus - up to 4 weeks) 20


Leadership Points
Leadership in an organisation or club with an international focus 10
Participation in an organisation or club with an international focus 5
Presentation/lecture or promotion on global study experience at Deakin or international partner 5


Study Points
Trimester Abroad program (at least 1 trimester) 60
In-country research (over 8 weeks) 40
Global study intensive (study tours/short-term programs 1-2 credit points) 30
Global conference or globally-focused domestic conference (2 days or longer) 20
Major project or thesis/essay with international focus as part of Deakin degree (at least 4,000 words) 10
Attendance at lecture or symposium with global focus (maximum 2) 10
Deakin unit with international focus (completion of 1 Deakin unit with an international focus for student studying a clearly 'non-international-focused course' who takes an 'international-focused elective') 5


Language Points
Long-term in-country language 60
Major language stream or diploma 40
DUELI Language school (international students only) 40
Sub-major language stream 20
Beginners language study (global or domestic) 10
Language tutor at the Global Conversation Lounge (capped at 40 points) 5

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