Short-term programs abroad

We know how much our students can accomplish in just a few weeks overseas. That’s why we offer volunteer projects, faculty-led study programs and short-term partner programs that complement your degree and expand your world view.

Short-term partner programs

Undertaking a short-term partner program with one of our international partner universities or approved hosts is a fantastic way to fast-track your studies, travel the world and earn credit towards your degree.

Study abroad during the mid-year break or Trimester 3 in destinations such as Denmark, South Korea, Germany, France or Canada. With a diverse range of programs on offer, you're spoilt for choice!

Explore where you can go with our short-term partner programs

Volunteer overseas

Our Global Citizenship Program volunteer projects are two or three weeks long. They allow you to engage in developing communities in extraordinary destinations, where you can make meaningful change and have a sustainable impact.

If you want to make a difference and earn credit towards your degree at the same time, consider one of Deakin's unique volunteering opportunities.

Take a study program with your faculty

Undertake a faculty-led study program abroad. You’ll be combining study and cultural immersion while gaining credit towards your degree. Your study program will be guided by Deakin academics, which means you’ll have access to places and opportunities otherwise out of reach for an independent traveller.

Faculty of Arts and Education study programs

  • America and the International Political System in Boston, New York and Washington DC
  • Japanese politics, society and culture at Musashi University, Tokyo
  • Buddhist philosophy in Varanasi, India
  • The Middle East in Jordan and Qatar
  • Communications and public relations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Visual design and animation in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan

Faculty of Business and Law study programs

  • Business management in Europe
  • Accounting in the United States of America 

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Learn more about short-term law study programs

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment study programs

Faculty of Health study programs

  • Food and nutrition in Singapore or Malaysia
  • Health and social development in Cambodia
  • Nursing in the Philippines, Thailand, Bhutan or China

Read one student’s experience of studying nursing in the Philippines

Experience the adventure of a lifetime

Studying overseas is a fantastic way to enhance your university experience and degree. 

Aside from the study, you'll make new friends for life, learn to understand and appreciate new cultures, view Australia through someone else's eyes and grow in ways you can't yet imagine. A trimester abroad is the full immersion experience and a whole lot of fun!

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