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Skilled humanitarian leaders save lives

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Humanitarian needs around the world are now at unprecedented levels due to disasters and conflicts. This year alone, the number of people needing humanitarian assistance has risen to more than 141 million. An unprecedented 65.6 million people have been forced from their homes in conflict zones, the largest number of displaced people since World War II. The need for highly skilled humanitarian leaders has never been more pressing. These unsung heroes risk their lives helping the most vulnerable when bombs are falling, flood waters rage, buildings are collapsing and disease is spreading.

Save the Children and Deakin University’s ground-breaking Centre for Humanitarian Leadership is transforming the way the world responds to humanitarian crises. Over 450 humanitarian workers from more than 70 countries—working for many different aid organisations including the United Nations as well as government, non-government and community-based organisations—have so far enrolled in the Centre’s innovative Humanitarian Leadership Programme, which is globally-recognised as the best of its kind. The cost of undertaking this essential course is unfortunately a considerable barrier for many humanitarian workers, particularly those from developing countries with the greatest need.

The multiplier effect...

By supporting Deakin’s Humanitarian Leaders Scholarship Fund today, you can help ensure that well-prepared humanitarian leaders will be on the ground to provide timely and life-saving responses when and where a crisis strikes. Your gift today will have an impact far beyond the student in need who receives it and, will ultimately benefit millions of lives around the world for years to come.

Together, we can harness the power of education to multiply the impact from the classroom to the disaster zone.

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