Humanitarian Scholarship Fund Preparing a new generation of humanitarian leaders

Preparing a new generation of humanitarian leaders

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“In my opinion, this is the most important humanitarian leadership program in the world.”
Gareth Owen OBE, Save The Children

When disaster strikes, every minute counts. The faster the humanitarian response, the more lives are saved. The risk of death while serving humanitarian needs is also frighteningly real.

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, a collaborative initiative founded by Save the Children and Deakin University, is transforming the way the humanitarian workforce is led, how humanitarian organisations operate, and challenging current approaches to humanitarian crisis response. One of the Centre’s goals is to educate humanitarian workers in developing countries to enhance local capability in those countries most in need. More humanitarian leaders like Jamil, need to be able access the necessary education and training in order to be able to provide life-saving responses in a crisis situation.

The Humanitarian Leadership Programme (HLP) is a comprehensive eight-month course designed by an expert group of humanitarians, academics and leadership development specialists. The programme is designed to challenge students intellectually and emotionally, enhance their understanding of the humanitarian system, and supporting them in developing the skills required for leading others in some of the most challenging and complex situations.

The Centre’s success is built on creating a hybrid system between practitioners and academia which promotes engagement with students, practitioners and stakeholders in a way that ensures their work has a measurable impact.

Deakin University Vice Chancellor, Jane Den Hollander

Message from the Vice Chancellor

“We’re witnessing unprecedented numbers of refugees, displaced people and asylum seekers …”

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Nepal Earthquake

"I always say that I am not the employee of any organisation, I am the employee of the poor, vulnerable and needy men, women and children of the world. A little effort on my part can save or change someone’s life. By making a small donation to the Humanitarian Leadership Programme you can provide a scholarship for someone like me and change the lives of millions of people around the world." Jamil Awan

A skilled humanitarian leader in action following the earthquakes in Nepal in 2015

"Before I undertook the Humanitarian Leadership Programme I did not have the skills required to negotiate the outcomes that I achieved in Nepal. The program gave me the negotiation and diplomacy skills required to work with different stakeholders such as the military, medical personnel and the government. The people who created the programme have firsthand experience of disasters zones and they know the types of decisions a leader has to make in this environment. All the subjects were very relevant and practical."

"This program provided by Deakin University and Save the Children showed me that leaders are not born they are made, and the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership Programme showed me exactly that…”.